By David HarsanyiAUSTRALIA— The Victorian orphanage where hundreds of children were infected with the highly contagious and deadly bloodborne coronavirus has turned into an enormous cash cow for the drug trade, with thousands of tonnes of cocaine sold on the streets of the state.

The orphanage, which houses some 500 people, has been accused of trafficking thousands of kilograms of the highly toxic and highly deadly drug, which can cause severe kidney damage.

Victorian police are investigating the Victorian orphanages role in a drug ring which involved thousands of Australian citizens.

The Australian Drug Council says it has identified more than 30 Australian citizens from the orphanage’s population, including a prominent businessman and a former Australian soldier.

Police are also investigating the orphanages involvement in the trafficking of large amounts of cocaine.

Police say the drugs are destined for a US border city, Los Angeles, and are being shipped to New York City for sale.

The Drug Council said it was aware of reports that drug dealers were trafficking children from the Victorian facility, which has since closed its doors.

It said the orphanaged children were being trafficked from the facility to other locations for use as human shields.

It says the drugs were destined for the US for use in the illegal cocaine trade.

The drugs were transported via cargo planes and taken from the Australian country to New Jersey, where they were then exported.

Drug Council CEO Richard Curran said it is extremely concerning that the children were still being traffapped from this location, where children are forced to become human shields in the drug trafficking trade.

He said it shows the drug traffickers’ desperation for money and their determination to continue trafficking children and other vulnerable people in their business.

He also urged Australians to call police if they have information that could assist in the investigation.

“It’s absolutely tragic that children are still being taken from these facilities, in a manner that has a direct impact on their lives,” Mr Curran told AAP.

“If you know something that could help you get to the bottom of this, please call us.”

The Drug Society of Australia said the children are being traffick through the network of the Melbourne-based Melbourne International Children’s Hospital and the Victoria-based Children’s Mental Health Service.

“Our own investigation has shown that the Children’s Health Service (CHS) has a history of engaging in child trafficking in the United States,” the Drug Society said in a statement.

“We would encourage all Australians to speak out and take action to stop the exploitation of children by organised criminals.”

The orphanages closure was announced this month and the orphanaging’s director, Sue Hensley, said in the release that she was devastated.

“I can only hope that our children are not in danger again,” she said.

The Victorian Government says the closure of the orphananums facility was due to the drug-trafficking ring.

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