By Kate McClellanThe world’s orphanages are not as safe as they might appear.

In a country where almost one in four children are orphans, there are more than 3,000 orphanages.

Many are in poverty and there is little funding to care for them.

For years, many of these orphanages have struggled to cope.

Some have had to close, and they have had a difficult time finding new homes.

But with the World Wildlife Fund’s International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) Global Fund for Wildlife, it’s the first time that the agency has made it possible to fund a major project to help the world’s remaining orphanages operate.

The project, known as the Global Fund, will support more than 6,000 children in countries where the conditions are not ideal.

It will also help them with care, housing and education.

In addition, it will provide funds for education and vocational training.

“This is an incredibly important project that will help thousands of orphans in many countries, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Sri Lanka,” IFAW director for conservation and development Jyoti Sharma said.

The Global Fund is the latest of several projects funded by the World Bank and IFAH to address the plight of orphanages in developing countries.

The IFAHK and other NGOs are also helping with the relocation of some 5,000 abandoned animals in India.

In some parts of Africa, such as Senegal and Kenya, governments have been helping the orphanages relocate their animals to new locations.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has also supported orphanages with funds from the World Development Fund, while in China, the government has helped many orphanages find homes.

The new funding will support projects that are more targeted at reducing the risks of infectious diseases in orphanage buildings and providing assistance for orphanage staff.

“The global crisis is one of the most complex global challenges that we face,” said ICRC President John O’Neill.

“We are here to help address it.

We are helping orphanages around the world.

This project will help us understand better how we can reduce the risk of infectious disease to children in these institutions and how we help them to remain safe and well cared for.”

The ICRC said the funding would be used to help orphanages stay open and provide a safe environment for children, their families and their communities.

“These projects will make a difference in the lives of millions of children around the globe,” ICRC CEO Peter W. Smith said.

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