In a rare move, Indian orphanage authorities in Cincinnati and Cincinnati have decided to turn to their own animals.

Virtually all of the approximately 1,300 orphanages in India that were shuttered after the 2008 pandemic have adopted or adopted animals from other countries.

But the Cincinnati orphanage decided to adopt an animal instead of using its own.

It has rescued about 20 dogs, including a 10-month-old German shepherd named Dasha.

The Cincinnati Animal Rescue Society has rescued several dogs, but has not adopted any of them.

It said it had to find an alternative to the animals it has.

The Cincinnati orphanages are also using volunteers to help care for the dogs.

It is not clear how much time the animals have been in foster homes, or whether they will be cared for at the orphanages themselves.

The orphanages and their staffs are trying to find ways to keep the animals healthy, said Linda Naidoo, who oversees the Indian orphanagens.

She has asked the nonprofit organizations to send volunteers to assist.

“We are not asking them to come and help us out in any way,” Naidoos said.

“It’s just our obligation to keep them healthy.”

The Cincinnati animal rescue said it was unable to immediately find a foster home for the animals because of the nature of the pandemic.

“Our staff is still out there,” Nellys said.

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