A new study shows that Asian orphans in the U.S. and the rest of the world have fewer children than African orphans.

But it also found that Asian families in America are more likely to use social services and welfare programs to care for their children, compared to African families.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, shows that the percentage of Asian orphanage children in the United States is 1.4 percent higher than the average rate in the rest.

In fact, the U., which has one of the lowest rates of African orphans in Asia, has more Asian orphans than any other country, including China.

The finding comes at a time when African nations are under scrutiny by U.N. experts for failing to address the problem of child trafficking.

The U.K. government has proposed a plan to crack down on human trafficking and the report suggests that the country could see an increase in its child-trafficking cases if the U, which is struggling to deal with the consequences of its own recent wave of deadly attacks, focuses more on child trafficking in Asia.

But the report also highlights that the United Kingdom has a lot of potential to help Asian orphanies in Africa, particularly with its efforts to address maternal mortality and access to health care.

The report also said that the Asian communities in Africa are more open to the idea of investing in programs to support Asian families, including child care and early education programs.

The authors, from the University of Cambridge and the University in Beijing, analyzed data from the Global Trends Study of Child and Family Development (GTCDS), a collaboration between the U of C’s Department of Anthropology and the UQC School of International Studies.

The research was funded by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CAAS), the Chinese Institutes for Health Science and Technology (CIHST) and the Chinese Council of Scientific and Technological Research.

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