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'I feel like an animal': Woman describes the horrifying experience of having her dog euthanized | Eliza Hamilton Orphanage

Posted January 19, 2019 12:27:53A woman who said she had lost her pet, a pit bull mix, to euthanasia in Wisconsin said the experience left her shaken.

Katherine Sutter said her dog was diagnosed with spay-neuter complications, which led to the euthanasia.

Sutter said the dog was so ill and emaciated that she had no choice but to euthanize her last day of life.

The dog was buried on a farm in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, with no notice or explanation, Sutter told ABC News.

Sutton’s mother, Sarah Sutton, said she was shocked when she heard about the dog’s death.SUNDAY: The dog is buried at a farm near Waukegan.

Sarah Sutton says the dog died while still in her arms.SUDDEN: The animal is buried with no explanation.

Sutter says the family contacted a dog-sitter and asked them to pick up the dog.SUBMIT YOUR STORY: Sutter, who is now raising funds for animal rescue organizations, says the rescue dog was a stray who was given to her as a puppy.

She said she thought it would be the best thing for her.SURVIVOR: Suttering said the animal was adopted by a local woman who gave her the puppy and a new name, Tanya.

She said the family told the shelter that the dog could not be returned to her because it was not her biological family, and that they were concerned that she might become violent toward her new owner.SUGGESTED RESCUE: Sutton said she contacted a shelter in Wausau and was given the name of the shelter’s rescue dog, T-Rex.

The shelter said it is willing to provide a new home for the dog if the family gives them a new address.SUTTER’S STORY: A shelter in Wisconsin has agreed to pick the dog up and provide the family with a new, permanent home.SUSAN SUTTER: I don’t want to lose my dog to this kind of thing, she said.

SUTTERS FAMILY SAYS THEY HAVE NO WAY TO REBUILD THE RELATIONSHIPS: A local resident who lives in Waukee, Wisconsin has offered to buy the dog for the family, but Sutton said that would be unfair.SUCKS: She said the shelter could not care for her dog because of her age and because the dog has no place to live.SOURCES: ABC News, ABC News (WI) | CNN, ABC (WI), ABC News | NBC News, NBC News | ABC News via AP | ABCNews.com


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