The Philippines has been forced to close its orphanage because of the lack of funds to keep it running, as a local government official says it will no longer receive government support.

Duterte is facing criticism for a series of controversial statements about children in his home country, including a statement last year that the country’s orphans should be forced to do work and that he would rather they be sent to other countries.

But a report published by the Philippine Commission on Human Rights on Tuesday said the orphanage, which was shut down in October, was the result of “serious neglect” by the government.

It said the children had not been taken care of properly in the orphanages.

The commission said that as the orphanaged population in the country had grown from 5,000 in 2010 to 17,000 at the end of 2017, the facility had no funds to operate the orphan centers.

The report cited an estimate that the orphaned children are expected to have an annual income of $1 million.

Dillas chief of staff, Reynaldo de Lima, said the government was facing a crisis and would continue to close the orphan facilities until the situation improved.

“I cannot speak to the future.

We need to be vigilant to improve conditions of the orphan care and the facility and its facilities,” he told reporters.”

The children in the facilities are suffering.

The families are suffering as well.

But we are going to be there until we find a solution to this.”

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