A private, government-run, state run orphanage is the future of the Arizona system. 

A new system was set up in January, but only opened for families to apply. 

“We are committed to offering a safe, private, and caring environment for all families,” said Jennifer DeBenedictis, the chief operating officer of the Phoenix Phoenix Public Schools. 

Under the new system, the state will not only fund the operating costs of the private orphanage for the duration of the program, but will also pay for any other care, medical or otherwise. 

According to the state, the private system will also have an operating budget of $300,000 for the first year and $1 million thereafter. 

This means families that receive federal or state funding will receive a significant boost in their personal financial security. 

DeBenedictionis said the private, private system is also a way to create an opportunity for families with children in need. 

“[The private system] will be a great asset to families,” she said. 

Phoenix Public Schools has a total of 651 children, mostly under the age of three, and will be home to an average of 817 families. 

About 1,400 of those children will receive free or reduced-price lunches each week. 

The other 800 families will receive vouchers to attend the private facility. 

While the program is a partnership between the state and private organizations, the families are able to access care from the private providers. 

In the new state, parents are allowed to opt out of participating in the program. 

For more information on the private and state-funded orphanages, visit the Phoenix Public School website at http://www.phoenixprs.com/public/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2445. 

Read more about private orphanages in Arizona: http://www/phoenix/philly-city/prs-private-orphans-will-be-a-great-asset-to-families/

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