Botswana is home to some of the world’s most unique, rare and endangered species, but it’s also one of the most overcrowded places in the world.

According to the Botswana Wildlife Conservation Authority (BWCA), a population of about 60,000 elephants is estimated to exist in the country.

But even with a population that’s estimated at only about 5,000, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe.

For that reason, a group of children in the Botswanese capital, Pretoria, are working to change that.

The children have set up an orphanage called The New York City Wildlife Center to provide them with the best care possible.

“We have an amazing population of elephants, but unfortunately, the conditions in the wild elephants are not that safe,” says Kristina Gomila, one of three women who run the orphanage.

“If you have a child that’s sick or injured, or they are really shy, we would do everything possible to help them.

So, we are not afraid to help children with their issues.” 

The New York Wildlife Center has two floors of a former zoo, complete with a gym, swimming pool and a play area.

The main floor is devoted to children’s play, while a second floor features a kitchen, a kitchenette, a laundry room, a storage area and a room for animals to graze.

In addition to caring for orphaned elephants, the center also offers a range of educational activities.

The zoo also has a classroom for children and a dog kennel.

The center also has an elephant sanctuary, where elephants are rehabilitated and are given new lives in their natural habitat.

The center is not the only organization in Botswanis home country that is working to protect its animals.

A recent government survey found that there are about 100 orphanages across the country, with many of them operating in remote and isolated areas.

And there’s a growing concern about what might happen to these animals once they’re released into the wild.

This past summer, an estimated 70 elephants were killed by poachers.

The country is currently investigating why the elephants were targeted.

Botswana’s Wildlife Conservation Commission is also working to educate people about elephant conservation.

But there are also a few other organizations in the area that are working towards changing the way their animals are treated.

A wildlife rehabilitation center in Johannesburg, South Africa, is known as a sanctuary.

But it’s a sanctuary for animals only, because there are no other places where elephants can live.

It is important to understand that elephants are a very sensitive species and can be very shy, and it is important for them to have a safe environment, which they don’t have in the current world, said Kristina’s husband, Gomilia.

“When they are here they need a lot of love and attention.

They can’t just be in the zoo,” she said.

“But when they are not here, they can’t live their life without being cared for.

We need to change their situation so that they can live their lives in a safe and loving way.”

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