In the 1960s, the orphanage that operated in Oxford, New York, was a symbol of hope and optimism for the children of poverty.

The facility was run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and it was one of only a few in the country that had been built to house children with disabilities.

But the facility had one fatal flaw.

It was run on federal taxpayer dollars, and after a number of years of poor health, it was deemed a public health hazard.

As a result, the facility was shut down in 2011, but only after a $250 million cleanup was completed.

Now, the abandoned building in Oxnard, New Jersey, sits empty and vacant, its former residents left homeless, as the city prepares to open a new orphanage and transitional housing facility.

As we reported last month, the state of New Jersey is planning to build a new home for the state’s homeless population, but there are still hundreds of families still living in Oxendale.

We spoke to the former residents of Oxendale, and they told us about how the facility changed their lives.

The New Jersey State Department of Health said the orphanages they visited during the 1980s were a key factor in the success of their programs.

Now they say the state is working to get them reopened.

But in order to get the building reopened, they’ll have to clear the land around it, including the surrounding property, to build the new home.

The Department of State has issued permits for the construction of the new facility, which it says is the largest in the United States.

The state says it will spend $1.2 million to get it built, which includes $100,000 for demolition, $75,000 to install plumbing, $50,000 on a crane, and $40,000 from the state to pay for the site’s reconstruction.

“It’s a lot of work,” said Anthony Fenton, the executive director of the Oxendale Development Corporation, which is overseeing the project.

“We’ve done this over the past 20 years.

But it’s not going to take forever.

We’re going to get this done.”

The new home will be built on property that is adjacent to Oxendale’s old orphanage.

There is no indication when it will be finished, and the new building will not be completed until 2021.

Oxendale has also agreed to pay $250,000 toward the construction costs, and will also get $250 per month from the city for rent for up to 20 months, according to a letter from the department.

Fenton said that once the site is built, it will serve the needs of about 300 families who have been living in the orphan-housing facility.

The government says the new homes will cost about $1,000 per month, which the state says is comparable to the cost of rent for a two-bedroom apartment.

But Fenton told us that he was concerned that the residents might be forced to live in the old facility.

“I think they’re worried,” he said.

“And I don’t want that to happen to them.

I’m just not willing to let them go back there.

I think they should have been able to leave.

But they’re going back there now because they don’t have any other option.”

There are still more than 30 families still in the facility.

Fayette said that while the facility has been reopened, the residents are still housed in an overcrowded, unsanitary, and unsafe facility.

We reached out to the Department of Veterans Affairs, which says it has received no complaints about the conditions at Oxendale and has no plans to reopen the facility, though the state has asked for a “temporary emergency authority” to open the facility to the public.

The department has also issued a statement about the orphan facility.

In its statement, the department said it is committed to “building a new facility to serve the residents of this historic facility.”

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