AUSTIN, Texas— In the first episode of its new, hour-long documentary series, The Lost Children, ABC’s “Nightline” explores how to save the lives of children in need of care.

In the episode, which aired Monday, the family of a toddler who was adopted by a foster family in the U.S. is given a call about her case.

The toddler is still in a state of shock after having an infection, and she says her parents are “scared.”

“It’s heartbreaking,” the mother says.

“And then there’s her mom who was also in shock.

She’s crying.

She has a lot of questions.

The episode also examines the stigma that exists for families like hers. “

The mother says that while the child’s health is at risk, her mom should not let it get to her, but that’s not the best way to handle a situation like this.

“Or they’re afraid to talk. “

It seems to me that people don’t like to talk about the children, so they’re reluctant to say, ‘Listen, I want to help,’ ” the mother said.

“Or they’re afraid to talk.

And that can lead to all kinds of problems.

It’s not something that we can easily solve.

It can be a nightmare for them.””

Nightline,” an ABC News documentary series produced by “Nightly News,” will premiere on ABC News Network on Monday, Sept. 15 at 8 p.m.


Watch the full episode on News’ Emily Blanchard contributed to this report.

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