METHuen, the Twin Bridges orphanages and twin bridges orphanages, are both returning to operation after the owners of the former relocated to Texas and the former closed in 2018.

The Twin Bridges site was the subject of a 2016 federal lawsuit that alleged the Twin Bridge orphanage and twin bridge sites failed to provide adequate care to children.

A federal judge approved the Twin Rivers site for a $300 million rehabilitation in 2018, but the owners have not been able to meet their rehabilitation obligations.

The owners of Twin Bridges were unable to pay $1.5 million in a $3.5 billion settlement that they made with the Department of Health and Human Services to resolve the complaint, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

A settlement of the Twin River lawsuit has yet to be approved.

Twin Bridges, located in Houston, has been operating under the name Twin Bridges for nearly a century.

The site, originally named Twin Bridges Hospital, was a four-story brick building that was built in 1888 and opened in 1898.

The building housed about 5,000 children, according the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The former Twin Bridges facility was torn down and the hospital and twin bridges buildings were sold.

The original Twin Bridges was sold to Texas Health and Medical Center in 2017.

In 2018, Texas Health transferred ownership of Twin Bridge to the University of Texas Health Science Center, which now operates the Twin Bridges orphanage.

In 2020, Texas’ Department of Children and Families transferred ownership to the Children’s Hospital of Texas.

The new Twin Bridges has operated at the Twin Heights site since 2021.

The twin bridges building reopened to residents in 2021 and the Twin Springs site reopened in 2017, according Texas Children’s Services.

A new Twin Springs orphanage was opened in 2018 and has operated there since 2018.

Twin Springs is a large residential complex that includes more than 50 units with about 200 beds and an operating budget of about $9 million, according Toi County.

The buildings houses a number of special needs and rehabilitation facilities, including a children’s hospital, residential and daycare, and day care for the mentally disabled.

The development of the site was one of the main priorities for the Texas Commission on the Status of Women, which was formed in 2010 to improve women’s lives in Texas.

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