Now that ‘El Salvo’ has premiered in El Salvador, we’re left wondering why it didn’t take off like we’d thought. 

Now, a few days after the show premiered in the capital city of El Salvador—home to one of the world’s worst child labor camps—the show’s creators and cast have been contacted by local media outlets to clarify some of the facts. 

We wanted to take a moment to clarify the story behind El Salvo, our show about a family in El Salvador, where the lives of thousands of children are being destroyed by a powerful cartel.

In March 2017, the El Salvador government announced it was ending the country’s program to house and educate children.

But after a year of working with the local community, El Salvadors president, Juan Carlos Hernández, has decided to continue the program. 

On June 27, 2017, El Salvador’s government officially ended the program, saying it was unable to adequately provide the children living there with the services they need. 

El Salvador was an HBO original series that premiered in 2017 and was described as a documentary about a group of orphaned children in El Salvia, the largest city in El Savador. 

“We decided to do a documentary with a focus on children in this extreme situation, and what they’ve been through,” El Salvads director, Maria Coronel, told the Huffington Post.

“El Salvads children are victims of violence, sexual abuse and trafficking.

We wanted to tell this story in a way that’s going to bring some hope, some hope for the children and that the people of El Salvada can take it seriously.” 

The show has been met with some skepticism in El Sangro, the community in El Escorial, where El Salvades residents live, because of the lack of transparency. 

In fact, El Salvadorans are already taking to social media to ask questions about the show’s credibility.

El Salvadias governor, Juan Antonio Sanchez, said he wasn’t aware of the show. 

Meanwhile, ElSalvador is also getting some positive press for its humanitarian work.

In January 2018, El Savadores president, Hernan Espinoza, said the show would be a positive catalyst for the countrys future, according to the Associated Press. 

Hernán Espinozas new government has vowed to increase efforts to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and displaced children in the country. 

And as for the show itself, the actors who played the kids in ElSalva are no strangers to controversy. 

Some critics have questioned the authenticity of the children on the show, calling it fake news.

And while El Salvaros children have been known to be at risk of abuse, Hernandes show has portrayed El Salvados orphans as the victims of trafficking and abuse. 

While the El Salves children in question are not real, some of El Salvas children have also been caught in the middle of this scandal. 

The children in “El Salvadors'” orphanage were the subject of a BBC documentary in 2015, and have since been featured in several documentaries, including this one. 

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