A little-known nonprofit organization has helped dozens of kids in the Orange, Florida, area during the past two months, and it’s paying off for them.

Orange County’s Orange County Academy, founded in 2004, has given children in its care a free ride to school, and some parents said they’ve also benefited from its mentorship programs.

One of the first projects was a summer program for two boys at the academy.

The children spent the summer in an elementary school and went on to attend nearby schools.

They were also given free meals, free homework and were invited to lunch, according to a letter sent to the Orange News by one of the kids’ parents, Zachary Crouch.

“They were actually the first kids that came to our office,” Crouch told the Orange Sentinel.

“They were like, ‘I want to come to school every day.’

It was a great program for the kids.”

The boys’ mother, Joanne, said she was thrilled to be helping.

“This was something that I could not have done otherwise,” she said.

“I would have just done what I was supposed to do, and I could have been doing that.”

Crouch, a former NFL defensive lineman, is also the director of outreach for the Orange Children’s Services Alliance, which was created in 2012 by the organization and is named after the Orange county town that the boys’ father grew up in.

The Alliance also provides a mentorship program for children from the Orange schools, according the letter.

Crouch said the children in the program are working to be more social, and they’re looking for a way to continue mentoring.

The organization has a long history of helping kids.

In 2015, it became the first nonprofit in the United States to reach out to more than 1 million students, according ToThePoint.org.

Its most recent project was the creation of the Orange Kids Initiative, which launched in August.

In October, it partnered with the Orange Schools Association of Florida to create a program to give free meals to children in need.

For now, the program is working.

In the past few weeks, more than 2,500 kids from the program have been sent to school in Orange, said Crouch, who was also the chief operating officer of the group.

In the past month, the Orange Girls’ Club, a group that provides mentoring to the children, has also gotten involved.

The club, which started in 2009, has been a major force in the area, Crouch added.

The Orange Kids’ Club is a non-profit organization that provides free meals for kids from schools and other community organizations in Orange.

It is also a sponsor of the annual Orange Girls March.

“We’ve had people come through the door who have been able to help them with their homework,” Cople said.

“It’s been great.

They’ve gotten to know us and have really enjoyed their time here.”

The organization also has been working to reach the community, said David McNeil, a director at the Alliance and the school district.

“The Orange County schools have been great partners,” McNeil said.

Orange Schools Association President and CEO Joanna Mays, who is also president of the Alliance, said in a statement that it’s been a great experience for the children.

“With this partnership, we have created a program that has a proven track record of helping children,” she added.

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