The latest app from the Bulgarian orphanage dreamsa orphanages new movie, and it’s pretty awesome.

A few days ago, we shared how the movie was made, how it was filmed, and what kind of scenes it had.

Now, we’ve seen a preview of the movie that we think is the best thing ever made.

It’s a short documentary about one of Bulgaria’s most famous orphanages.

This documentary was made by the Bulgarian orphans Dreama, a movie that focuses on the lives of the orphans in the orphanage.

Dreama is a documentary about the life of the children at Dreama in the southern Bulgarian city of Gornica.

The documentary has been made by Dreama orphanaging, and Dreama hopes to make more documentaries.

“We hope to make movies and to make them for as many people as possible.

There is so much to learn about life in the most difficult environment and I’m hoping to help with that,” says Sofia, one of the directors of Dreama.

This video is very short and focuses on a small aspect of the life at Dreamam.

The children have a big problem at Dreamas kitchen.

Sofia and the directors have chosen to focus on the childrens struggle at the kitchen, as it’s the main source of food for the children.

There’s also an episode about the story of the orphanages founder, and how he went from a child orphan to a man with dreams of helping the poor.

In the documentary, Sofia says, “Dreama was founded on the premise that the children are not capable of making a living in the world.

That was the first point of inspiration for us.”

The film also features interviews with Dreama’s directors, the children, and other members of the Dreama staff.

There are also some very funny scenes in the film.

For example, the child who’s on the bed with the spoon is the last person to be seen in the movie.

The director explains, “It’s an awkward moment for the child because the child knows that he cannot be on that bed because he’s sick.

So, the director has to create a scene that shows the child sitting in the bed and laughing, saying, ‘What are you doing?

You can’t sit there!’

That’s the first thing he does.”

The kids in the video are dressed in the traditional dress of the Bulgarian National School of Nursery.

Sofias mother is in the middle of the room, but the child in the kitchen is the first to be shown in the documentary.

Sofya says, The orphanages is an orphanage that’s been around for decades.

It has its own traditions, but also its own story and it always tries to tell its own stories.

She also tells us that, as she watches the film, the kids are very excited and excited to hear that they are the ones who are helping the children who are starving in the street.

“I think it’s great that Dreama are using an orphanages story to show their work.

It is so important that the orphanies is using the story to tell their story,” Sofia tells us.

Sofas mom also loves the fact that the film focuses on how the children live in the overcrowded kitchen.

“In our family, we have a different mindset to the orphans, which is that we’re all trying to live a normal life.

That is why the children in the home have to work.

We don’t even care about money,” she says.

Sofía also loves that the story is about the kids who have dreams of living a normal existence.

“The story is the story.

There was a boy who wanted to be a chef.

The story is that he had to cook.

The father of the boy told the story so that the boy could learn to cook,” Sofía says.

“This is a great film because it’s about the children’s story.

It makes it a real orphanage story.

This is what it is like to live in a world where children are starving.

The parents, the teachers, the staff, and the volunteers all have a common goal.

The kids are all trying their best to live an ordinary life.”

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