The word ‘safe’ may not be as simple as it sounds.

It’s often used in the context of a ‘safe place’, but in reality, the term can mean many things, from the size of the children’s room to the manner of their daily life.

To find out how the word is used, BBC Sport looked to experts to help with the most up-to-date information about the safety of all types of orphanages.

What is safe?

The word safe refers to the number of children in a place or the number that live there.

However, there are other definitions of safe that don’t necessarily match the concept.

For example, a children’s home or foster home is considered to be ‘safe’, while a nursing home is not.

The safe category is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution for all situations, and can vary depending on the context and circumstances of a specific situation.

What are some of the most common definitions of the word safe?

Safe means ‘safe and appropriate’ Safe means having a minimum number of kids in the home.

Safe means a stable environment for kids to live in.

Safe is not the same as safe and proper.

Safe and appropriate are more than just safe.

They are not about being ‘safe’.

They are about having a safe and healthy environment for the kids.

A safe home and safe environment are a combination of safe and appropriate.

The term ‘safe in the house’ is used to describe a safe home that is well-ventilated, is well organised and has adequate equipment.

It also means having enough space to house children in.

A stable environment is a place where the children are able to play, learn and grow.

A well-planned and safe home is one that allows for regular and healthy socialising with the adults and family.

What’s the definition of safe?

There are different ways to define the term safe, but there are some key definitions.

‘Safe’ is defined as a minimum of at least 10 children in the household.

‘Not Safe’ is a household that has less than 10 children.

‘Unsafe’ is where children are not being adequately cared for, or where children have been abused or neglected.

The word is also often used to refer to the children in foster care or residential care.

What do experts say about the definition?

A key aspect of the safe category can be found in the definitions for ‘unsafe’.

These terms have been created by health professionals to help guide carers when deciding whether a child should be left in a home or care home.

These experts believe that safe and unsafe are not synonymous terms, and there is no such thing as ‘safe-unsafe’.

Safe means the number or the quality of the people who live there is good or safe.

Unsafe means a situation where children can live in a dangerous situation and cannot be supervised.

How can you tell if a home is safe or unsafe?

The most important part of any assessment of a safe or unsafe home is to look at the children.

The people living there should have a safe relationship with the children and be there to support the children when they are in trouble.

The children are usually supervised by an adult who can supervise and manage them.

It is important to note that children should be safe and supervised, and that they should not be left alone with adults, other children or pets.

If the children have not been supervised properly, then they will become stressed, or they may become violent, aggressive or withdrawn.

If a child is left alone in a safe environment, he or she is not likely to develop a negative attitude towards others.

The carers should be aware of this.

The primary carer should also be aware and be able to help in assessing the safety and wellbeing of the family.

The child is most at risk when the child has not been socialised well, is not allowed outside, is alone or has a low social competence.

A child may be in an unsupervised home because of physical or emotional harm, neglect or other causes that are not well-understood.

The main issues that can affect a child’s well-being in a family home are: health problems such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, behavioural problems, self-harm and antisocial behaviour; social isolation, isolation from friends, peers and family members; poor health, poor eating, drinking and physical health.

How do you find out if a safe orphanage has a high number of unsupervisored children?

The Safe and Unsafe Home Index is a database of all the children living in a ‘unsupervised’ home.

This means that they are not supervised, but rather the carers or other people are present at all times.

This is the first step towards identifying children who need more intensive care.

The index provides a snapshot of the numbers of unregistered children in care and also shows how many are in a particular household.

It can also give information about whether there are children living at the home who have been abandoned

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