ANI: What are the best ways to kill a wild animal in an evening?

An expert has been asked to help a family in India to save an animal from being thrown out of a window, while a book and a statue are said to have been stolen from an orphanage in the United States.

A woman in the eastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has reportedly discovered the books and statue at her home.

According to the AP news agency, an eyewitness claimed to have seen a man wearing a mask, a hood and goggles, dragging the statue away from the orphanage.

The owner of the orphanages told the news agency that she had no idea the books were missing until the police arrived and asked her for them.

The authorities are looking into the case.

In a separate case, the police in New York have said that a young woman found the missing book, The Wild Child by D.H. Lawrence, in her bedroom, but had not been able to retrieve it before it was seized by the FBI.

The book is one of several in India that have been snatched by thieves, including one by a man in the Indian state, Bihar.

Last year, an orphanages in India also went missing.

In March, a book that was stolen from a child in New Jersey was found by an elderly man in his apartment.

In another case, a baby elephant was found alive and well, in a zoo in India.

In the United Kingdom, a 12-year-old girl who had been adopted by a circus troupe in Pennsylvania went missing after leaving her home in the UK.

“It is very difficult for a mother to lose her baby and her caretaker cannot be there to look after it,” said a woman in India, who asked not to be named.

“A child’s life is at stake.

I am very worried for the young girl.”

The woman said that the baby was left in a car, but the circus trouper who took it to the zoo had not taken it home.

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