Polygon has confirmed that the Phoenix Orphanage in Phoenix, Arizona, will soon become a home for the Methuen’s orphanage.

A new home for Phoenix’s orphanages was recently approved by the Phoenix City Council.

The new home will house Methuens care, and will provide a safe haven for the families of the residents.

In addition, it will provide support to the staff of the orphanage and other staff members who will be working there.

Phoenix Orphanages will be moving to a new building in 2017.

The building will house a small number of staff and the facility will remain open for residents and visitors alike.

The Methuennes have been caring for the residents of the facility since 2011, and have since moved to a home in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale.

The Methuene orphanage was originally opened in 1911 and was one of the first orphanages in the United States.

The first of Methuenes children was born there, and the orphanages first resident, James R. Methueny, became a resident.

The facility was expanded to a larger facility in the early 1920s, and became known as the Methueles Orphanaging and Hospital in 1932.

Today, the Methues Orphanaged are located in Phoenix’s historic Old Town area, a bustling area with restaurants, bars, and shops.

The orphanage has been a fixture of the Phoenix community for more than 100 years.

The city of Phoenix has been on a mission to find a new location for the orphanaged facility.

The Phoenix Orphans’ Hospital and its sister facility, the Phoenix Medical Center, have been at the center of the search.

A spokesperson for the city said the city is “hopeful that our partnership with the Methuan’s will bring us closer to our vision of a new Phoenix Orphany.”

The city is planning a private and public process to determine a suitable location for Methuenzs orphanage facility, and is committed to finding a new permanent home for it.

Phoenix has a long history of finding homes for the sick and the elderly.

The city is also committed to building a supportive community environment for the homeless.

Phoenix has been recognized as a safe city to live in by the American Heart Association.

In 2017, the city was recognized as one of six cities with the highest levels of livable city, with a median income of $45,000.

The Phoenix Orphenanages goal is to “provide an affordable and safe place for the communities homeless to be cared for by licensed professionals who will also provide support services to residents.”

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