Posted February 14, 2020 04:31:31There are a lot of orphanages operating in the dharwal region of India.

According to the Animal Welfare Department of Dharwa, over 7,000 animals are kept in the facilities.

Dharwar is home to over 30,000 orphans, with many of them suffering from malnutrition and chronic disease.

Many of the orphans who are not taken into care are brought to orphanages, where they are fed and cared for, and often spend time with their families.

But there are also a few who have gone missing, and it is up to the government to find them.

Animal Welfare Minister Nityanand Tandon has set up a task force to look into the cases of missing animals.

“We are trying to trace the missing animals through a social network to find out their whereabouts, but it is difficult to do so in the dark,” said Tandon.

The task force will also look into other cases of abuse and neglect, which he said could lead to the rehabilitation of the animals.

Tandon said they would also investigate any cases where the animals are neglected or abused, and if there is any information about them, he said, adding, “The orphanages that are found are also the ones that are being rehabilitated.

They are being given veterinary and medical treatment, and all the medical equipment is being provided for them.”

Tandon said the task force would also be looking into cases where animals have been taken from orphanages to sell for money, and he said that the government is working towards putting an end to the trade.

Tandon’s team will also be investigating cases where children are being abused and neglected, as well as other cases where there are no veterinary care facilities available.

He said the government has set the goal of having all orphanages open for the next five years.

Taunons team has been working to identify and trace animals that are missing and orphaned, and to ensure that the orphanages are safe.

They have also been in contact with local communities and are working on setting up social media channels to inform people about missing animals and how to find their whereabouts.

The Animal Welfare Ministry, in a statement on Sunday, said, “Animal orphanages across the country are in crisis due to neglect, cruelty and abuse.

It is imperative that the authorities intervene to save animals and ensure their welfare.”

The statement added, “We urge the public to contact the Animal Care Department and all state government departments with information regarding missing animals to ensure their safety and well-being.”

According to the Humane Society International, there are around 30,700 orphanages for the domestic and wild animals in India, with 1.7 million animals being in care.

The International Animal Rescue Coalition (IARC), a non-profit organization, says that in the past two years, India has seen an increase in cases of animal cruelty and neglect.

The IARC says that over half of the estimated 4,500 animals in need of veterinary care are still missing.

The IARC report said that animals are often left unattended for long periods of time in overcrowded facilities.

“The animals suffer from poor nutrition, poor shelter conditions, overcrowded and underdeveloped facilities, poor water supply and poor sanitation,” the IARC said.

The animal welfare agency said that animal shelters and animal shelters alone do not provide adequate veterinary care.

“For all these reasons, there is a need for better veterinary care for the animals that suffer in the overcrowded shelters, the lack of veterinary facilities, inadequate training for veterinarians and staff, and the lack a humane, compassionate and humane system,” said the IAARC.

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