When the show hits the big screen, “The Hard Knock Life” will be a reality show.

The series, which is based on a book of the same name by The Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, will debut on CBS on Feb. 13.

In the show, the players will be exposed to real-life hardships as they try to break through to the NFL.

The cast will include Will Ferrell, Sarah Paulson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba.

It is set to premiere on CBS.

ABC’s “Masters of Sex” will premiere on Nov. 8.

HBO’s “Game of Thorns” will begin airing on Oct. 28.

ABC is developing a drama series based on “The Washington Post” that follows the career of former NFL star Malcolm Smith, who won a Super Bowl in 2015 after being drafted No. 1 overall.

It stars Jason Bateman, Melissa Leo and Adam Driver.

“Game” has been renewed for a fourth season.

Netflix has renewed the hit show “House of Cards,” which has been streaming since 2012.

It has also renewed its hit comedy series “Black Mirror,” which is streaming on Netflix, for a second season.

HBO also renewed “The Sopranos” for a third season.

Amazon Studios’ “Transparent” will start its fourth season on Nov, 11.

Netflix is re-signing “House” and “Marksman” to 10-year deals.

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