How to survive an ambush in an ambushed elephant park.

A new map from Europol has uncovered that in some cases the police were more likely to get involved than a stranger who was simply walking by, and even in the most deadly situations, the police are the ones who do the actual shooting.

In the case of the Ambush on the Elephant Park in Kigali, one of the deadliest spots in Africa, in 2015, a gunman, named Nsaba Mwamba, killed at least 16 elephants and wounded at least 15 others before taking his own life.

He had also shot a guard and wounded two others.

In 2017, the same park was targeted in an attack by two gunmen, who killed nine people and wounded seven.

One of the attackers was armed with a gun that was found in the trunk of his car.

That gun, which had a barrel length of about 30 inches, was not the one used in the attack on the park.

The two gunmen who attacked the park in 2016 were later identified as a Somali man named Farah Abdi, who had killed his wife and three children in a previous attack in 2017, and a Kenyan man named Abdallah Yusuf.

Both were killed by a police sniper.

In 2018, a Somali who was on the loose in the park was killed by police in the same attack.

But this time the killer was a stranger from outside the park, and police say he had no reason to kill anyone, as it was already a busy area.

The attack took place in the Ambushed Wildlife Park in Kenya’s Nairobi National Park, where the police and the army have been engaged in an intense campaign against armed groups in recent years.

According to Europol, in some of the attacks, the perpetrators came from outside of the park and had been known to be active there.

But in the case in 2018, the attackers came from inside the park as well, and there was no indication that any of the armed groups knew the attackers.

In one attack, in which an elephant was shot in the head and the head of a dog was hacked off, the killers were identified as Abdi and Yusuf, who were both born in Kenya and have spent time in the country.

Both Abdi in the first attack and Yusaf in the second were killed in the ambush, but it is not clear how many people were killed or injured.

The attacks in the parks are not the only ones in which the police have become involved in the battle against armed gangs in Africa.

In 2016, an incident in a neighboring African country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, killed 11 people, including six police officers, two of whom were shot dead.

In 2018, police shot dead a man who was carrying a gun in the capital, Kinshasa.

In both cases, the killings were captured on video.

In 2016, in the Congo’s Kinsha district, a police officer and two civilians were killed when gunmen opened fire on them, killing three and wounding three others.

In 2017, police killed two other gunmen in the village of Dondagala, killing four and wounding five.

In both of those cases, police used a stun gun to subdue the attackers, and the bodies were later found in a nearby field.

In addition to the ambushes and other attacks, there has been a spate of gunfights in Africa in recent months.

In April, in South Africa, police were forced to shoot dead a gunman who had opened fire in a mall, killing two people and wounding four others.

There were also several deadly shootings and carjackings in Nigeria, where gunmen targeted malls and banks in April, killing 12 people and injuring 12 others.

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