Abandoned orphanages in Alabama, California, Florida, and Tennessee are being bombed by carpet bombing, with one hospital and several nursing homes losing staff, residents, and funds.

“It’s a carpet bombing,” said Maria C. Perez, the administrator of the Alabama Department of Human Services.

Perez said carpet bombing is a method of bombing hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities, in which mattresses and other materials are placed on floors to destroy them.

The carpet bombing also is known as “bombing by stealth.”

Perez said she believes the carpet bombing was used on the former Alaskan Department of Social Services, which was closed down after it was revealed to have an “unhealthy and inappropriate” population of homeless people.

Perez has been in the job for two years.

In October, Perez said, the Department of State announced it was closing the facility in San Diego, California.

Perez told BuzzFeed News she knew the facility was about to be shut down because she had received death threats from residents.

Perez is calling on the public to help her save the Alaskans nursing homes and hospitals.

“It’s very difficult to save a facility if the people who live there are unable to care for their own,” Perez said.

Carpet bombs have also been used on a nursing home in Oklahoma.

In December, the state announced it would shutter the facility.

A group of nursing home residents have been calling on Perez to get the facility closed and said they would not reopen until the carpet bomb threat is addressed.

Perez did not immediately return calls from BuzzFeed News seeking comment.

She has not responded to requests for comment.

Perez added that carpet bombing can destroy nursing homes in a way that it is not possible to repair a building in an accident, such as a fire.

She said she has heard of carpet bombing on a hospital in Texas.

“The carpet bombing by stealth destroys your hospital,” Perez told the Associated Press.

Perez said she hopes the carpet bombings will stop.

She hopes people will help her with the nursing home and nursing home facilities.

“You have the capability of getting carpet bombs out of your house, so we are very, very grateful for the public and for the people that are involved,” she said.

Perez’s comments come after a report from BuzzFeed revealed the carpetbombing at a nursing facility in Florida was ordered by state officials.

BuzzFeed reported that the state Department of Health and Human Services was threatening to close Alaskas largest nursing home if the facility did not close by midnight on Monday, January 17.

Perez was quoted in a report by the Associated News as saying that the nursing homes’ director, Angela McAllister, was being threatened by state and federal officials because of her actions, including taking part in a protest outside the facility to call attention to the carpetbombers’ actions.

BuzzFeed has since changed the headline of its story to remove any mention of carpetbomb threats.

The state of Florida announced that it would close the facility and that a number of residents had been ordered to leave.

The Associated Press has reached out to Perez for comment and will update this post if she responds.

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