KENYANS are struggling to cope with the horrific discovery of an orphanage where children and animals have been killed.

The orphanage in CARAjos, about 200 kilometers (124 miles) east of the capital, has been condemned as a “murder capital” by Amnesty International.

A group of relatives of some of the victims were detained on Saturday by police in a raid on their home, where they found their bodies, according to the group’s director, Mohamed Yousuf.

The relatives were arrested on Friday by CARA investigators after a complaint by the local prosecutor’s office.

CARA’s chief prosecutor, Carlos Ocampo, told AFP that the allegations against the orphanages are false.

“The children and the animals in CARACAS are not killed,” Ocampos said.

“They are put in cages and are not kept there.

We will never allow any human being to die there.

This is an attempt by the people of CARA to punish the victims of human rights abuses.

The authorities should never take such actions.”

Authorities say more than 200 children and up to 1,000 animals have died there since 2008.

It is unclear how many of the dead have been buried, but at least seven of the children and 1,200 animals were found in shallow graves.

Many of the bodies have been found with a number of injuries, including multiple cuts and broken bones.

At least a dozen children were found with head injuries, while dozens of other animals were killed.

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