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Sos orphanages: Hyderabad's Sos Park orphanage tops list of most haunted by ghosts | Eliza Hamilton Orphanage

Here is the list of the top 10 haunted homes in Hyderabad, India.

Sos park orphanage, in Hyderabadi town of Kottayam, is located in the outskirts of the city and is home to the oldest and largest of the nine orphanages in Hyderabeeti.

The orphanage was established in 1896 and is now home to more than 3,000 children, mostly girls, aged between nine and 14.

The former residence of the former Governor General, V.K. Pahwa, is now a school and the family of the deceased is staying there.

A group of boys, including former Prime Minister Dr. V.P. Singh, visited the orphanage on May 6, 2018.

A video of the visit has been widely circulated online.

The film shows the boy sitting in the shade of a tree outside the orphanages main entrance and then being followed by a group of men.

The men are followed as they walk towards the children.

The video also shows the group of the men being attacked by the boys.

In the same video, the boy is shown lying in a chair and is being dragged behind a car as he is being attacked.

One of the boys in the video says he saw the boy being dragged from his chair and then beaten up by a large group of people.

The other boys say they saw the same thing.

One boy says, “I saw a girl who was beaten up.

They dragged her to the door, and then she was beaten.”

The other boy says the group was “playing” with the boy’s hands.

One girl, who has been at the orphanary for almost 20 years, said, “When we first started, we used to have a big fight between the boys and girls.

Now we have a peace between the two groups.

They don’t fight, they just sit on each other’s shoulders and watch.”

Another girl said, “[They] used to beat the girls, then they would go into the girls room and beat them.

But they were still watching over them, and now, they are playing with them.”

A man who works at the local grocery store said, “(I’ve) never seen anything like this before.

It’s the most horrible sight.

There are children here, and a lot of them have been beaten up.”


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