ROME — The orphanage in Uganda that has seen its most recent influx of children, nearly 100, come from Russia, is a prime example of a country where a lack of funding for orphanages has pushed many into poverty and left them destitute.

A former orphanage that operated in the eastern city of Gulu in the 1990s and 2000s, the orphanage is now run by a nonprofit organization called the Child and Family Protection Center of Uganda (CFPAU).

Its goal is to provide services to children and families in Uganda who are living in poverty.

Its goal is a simple one: Provide safe, affordable housing for children who are in need of it.

It was founded in 1999 and has operated in Uganda for decades, but its operations have been marred by poverty and neglect.

According to the CFPAU, about half of its roughly 7,000 children live in poverty, according to a 2013 report by the charity.

The organization also reported that only 8 percent of its 1,500 children are enrolled in a school, according a 2014 report by UNICEF.

Its primary care physician, Dr. Mkhize Gombo, said that the children’s lack of education and physical and emotional health have left them vulnerable to infections and other diseases.

As a result, Gombo and his staff have not been able to provide safe, nutritious meals or adequate medical care.

According to the UNICEFs report, Gombas primary care doctor is one of the countrys most severely disabled.

Gombo’s physical and mental health are also declining, according the report.

He has also been denied basic education.

According a report by Human Rights Watch, about two-thirds of the children in the country have limited English proficiency, and Gombans primary school is only able to meet students’ English needs by using a combination of hand gestures, speaking in a way that resembles English and having teachers present in English.

As an orphan, Gumbas only has access to basic education, with few opportunities for him to do more than look after himself and his younger siblings.

Gombases education, according his own admission, is “very poor.”

In recent months, he has been unable to get the money to feed his family and he has received little financial help.

He is struggling financially, and many children and parents are left with no money to help their siblings.

Gombo, who is in his 50s, said he was not able to afford to purchase a new car because he has lost his job and cannot afford to pay for the repair, which is often unpaid.

In addition, he said he has not been allowed to borrow money to pay his medical bills.

“I am poor.

I have nothing.

I am a very poor person,” he said.

Gumbas children have been given the option of going to the orphanages for care but they do not have access to health services and most children, especially in rural areas, are too poor to go.

He said he and his siblings live in an apartment for four months, which they cannot afford.

He said the children do not know how to properly care for themselves.

“I am a poor person, and they have nothing to do,” he added.

The orphanage also is not able, according its own report, to provide food or other basic services.

Its website describes the orphanaging as a “home” where the children are provided “with a variety of meals, health care, social services, clothing, toys and toys.”

Its website states that the orphanation serves about 700 children and their families.

The website also states that “the main goal of the Child Care Center is to ensure that all children, families and caregivers are given the best possible living conditions.”

The CFPA, according their website, is the main donor organization for the orphanAGE and is funded by the government and donors.

They have no website and do not respond to interview requests.

According the CFMAU, it has been operating in Uganda since 2001.

It has been responsible for care for about 10,000 orphans since then, according Gomba.

He added that the organization is not a nonprofit, but a nonprofit “foundation,” which is required by law to be registered with the government.

According the CFDAU, the CFTAU, a nonprofit that works for children and youth, has been in Uganda as a member organization since 1999.

The CFTAUS website states: “The Child and Foster Care Center of the CFAAU (CFTAU) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to providing support to children in need in Uganda and around the world.”

A CFAAUS spokesperson told NBC News in a statement that it is “fully dedicated to supporting the children and youths of Uganda, as well as other vulnerable populations around the globe, by funding, building and supporting a network of trusted caregivers, as part of our commitment to strengthening children’s lives.”

According to Gombase,

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