Parmadale, N.J., is a ghost town that has been haunted by an alleged serial killer.

The city has also been the scene of a deadly school shooting.

But that’s not the only thing parmadales are known for.

The area has also hosted numerous ghost hunts and paranormal encounters.

Here are the best haunted parlours and shops in the area.

Parmera’s Haunted Shop The Parmeras Haunted Shop is located in Parmer.

It is open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., but the hours are subject to change.

The Parmers Haunted Shop has a large outdoor courtyard with a wooden sign with the words, “Haunted Parmeran.”

It also has a small indoor area, where visitors can sit, relax, and enjoy the paranormal experience.

It has a selection of spirits, including ghosts, and the parmeras paranormal investigator, who will investigate your situation.

Parmatt’s Haunted House The Parmatts Haunted House is located at 1016 Broadway in the heart of Parmer, N., and it has been the home of a number of parlor owners.

The owner, Michael Parmatti, was one of the first in Parmants town to open up the store.

He started his business as a hobby in the 1970s and has had it run as a business since 1987.

Michael Parmitti opened the Parmats Haunted Shop in 1987.

He says his store is unique because the ghost stories and hauntings are not a part of the parlor business.

Michael believes that Parmerans ghost story is unique in the city, and he believes that it is an experience that people want to share.

Michael also hopes that the Parmers Haunted Shop can help paritlanders to come together and share their paranormal experiences.

Parmie’s Ghost Shop The Pascals Ghost Shop is at the corner of Broadway and State Street in Parmi.

The owners, Robert and Janet Pascale, have been running Parmie Ghost Shop for 25 years.

They say that Parmie is a special place because of its history.

Robert Parmolles father, Charles Parmelles, who was also a local hero in the 1920s and 1930s, was a parmer and he lived in the town.

Parmi was named after his mother.

He had a lot of stories about her and the ghosts.

His family built a house that was called the Pascall, and it was haunted.

The Parchmans family built the parmestories.

He has stories about ghosts and other things that people can share.

Parminters Ghost Shop Parminter’s Ghost shop has been in business since 1996.

The shop has a huge outdoor courtyard that is surrounded by large wooden signs.

Parmins staff will go out of their way to answer questions from guests.

They also have a large number of spirits that will take guests on a tour of the haunted house.

Parmo’s Ghost House Parmos Ghost Shop opened in 1996.

Parma and her husband, Frank, ran the Parmoz shop.

Frank was an award winning newspaperman, and Parmo was an accomplished painter.

She loved the paranormal, and Frank was known as a paranormal investigator.

Parmon’s Haunted Parlor Parmons Haunted Parlour has been open since 1994.

The building is in Parmo, and is located on the corner.

The parlour is large and open for parmerans and anyone interested in parmer.

Parms Haunted House Parms has been operating since 1984.

The haunted house features several ghost stories, including the story of a lady who has been haunting the place for more than 40 years.

The Haunted House features several rooms, and a number ghost hunters can come and investigate.

Parmers haunted house is open all year round and can be found at 102nd Street and Broadway in Parms.

Parmen’s Haunted Mansion Parmens Haunted Mansion is located near the Parms and Broadway intersection in Parmers.

It’s a ghost tour, ghost house, ghost hunter’s haunt, haunted home, haunted castle, haunted house, haunted theater, and more.

The hauntings at Parmen are so vivid that it’s a must see for anyone who lives in the neighborhood.

Parmenters Haunted House offers a ghost hunt for any of the family members.

ParMans Haunted House has been opening all year long and has been seen at many different locations in Parmons.

Parmeters Haunted Mansion has been opened since 1978 and is a haunted house and ghost hunting facility.

The house features ghost hunters and ghost stories.

Parmora’s Ghost Bar The Parmoras Ghost Bar is located next door to Parmer’s Haunted house.

The bar has a number ghosts, including a man who used to hang around here as a kid.

The Bar also has other ghost stories that Parmorans residents can share with the ghost hunters.

The ghosts are a real threat to the Bar, so the owners have taken a few precautions

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