ROME — A decade ago, there was a time when the Romanian government could have provided an orphanages for the needy and children.

The government set up orphanages to house orphaned children.

Today, that’s not happening.

Romania has only one orphanage left, which is in the city of Dacia.

The city’s orphanages were closed in 2007 because of the outbreak of the plague.

Now, the city’s mayor, Giorgos Iohannis, says he’s trying to save the orphanages.

“We cannot take any more orphans,” Iohanas said.

In 2013, Iohans government declared an emergency to deal with the pandemic.

When I visited the orphanage at the end of the month, I found some of the children had gone to a shelter and a few had come back to live with their families.

Iohannas hopes that with the help of local NGOs and government money, he can save orphanages like these.

Iohannases family owns a small business in Dacia, and he wants to save orphanage orphans.

This is what he said about his mission.

It is a huge project that is going to save thousands of orphans.

The main problem that the orphanagers have is that they cannot afford to provide them with proper medical care.

One of the orphan’s children has asthma and needs to be taken to a hospital, I was told by Iohanes sister, who works in the orphanment.

A woman in the hospital told me that she could not afford to take her child to a doctor because her rent was too high.

The children are often in desperate situations.

I had to get a court order to take them to the hospital.

The court order is in Romanian, but it’s a problem for foreigners who have to pay money for their children’s treatment.

We have been able to save some of these orphanages because the government helped the families who have a special interest in the orphans, I told Iohane.

My brother and I have been very happy to help.

We have been looking for new locations to build the orphanaged, and we’re hoping that this is the place to save them.

Our mission started with the families that had to leave their homes in order to care for their orphaned sons and daughters.

The orphanages are located in poor neighborhoods and there are few spaces in the country, I said.

I found the situation very difficult, because there are so many people without jobs.

They had to be separated from their families and cared for by strangers.

They had no money and no resources.

They have been put in a shelter that they have to stay in.

We are looking for a new location for them, and hopefully we will be able to help them find a new home.

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