As a new generation of elephants enters adulthood, a disturbing pattern of neglect and abuse is being uncovered.

The new findings are being reported in the latest issue of The Guardian’s India Edition.

“In many parts of the country, orphanages are the last refuge of a vulnerable and abused elephant,” said the paper’s senior correspondent, Surya Prabhu.

“We know that orphanages have been a source of cruelty and suffering for decades.

The plight of elephants has been highlighted as a global issue in recent years.”

According to the report, more than one million elephants are being killed annually in India.

The deaths are mainly due to poaching, but the practice also leads to the killing of elephants for their ivory.

“The illegal ivory trade is not a new phenomenon in India, but its impact on the lives of elephants is,” said Prabhudas Mukherjee, the author of the report.

“It’s a global problem and needs urgent attention.”

“Elephants need a place to live, to live in safety, and to be safe in the wild,” Mukherji added.

The elephant community in India is divided over how to address the issue.

The issue has come to the fore recently as the country has witnessed a string of mass atrocities against elephants in the name of sport.

The government, along with the industry, has said that the practice is a matter of national pride.

While the government has made efforts to address poaching and trafficking of elephants in its efforts to curb the trade, the government is also under pressure from the conservation community to ensure that the industry does not exploit elephants.

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