It’s been almost a year since the horrific fire at the Burlington, Vermont orphanage, and the city is still struggling to recover from that tragedy.

 But the impact of that fire has been felt across the country and it’s been felt in a small way in Burlington.

The fire started at the American Indian orphanage that had been converted to an orphanage and turned into a thriving center for children.

A video that captured the moment the fire broke out shows a group of children being led out of the building.

Some were dressed in the traditional Indian attire, and others wore traditional clothing.

Burlington Mayor Kevin Moore told the Burlington Free Press that the group of young people was there to celebrate the start of summer and the celebrations surrounding it.

They were dressed up in traditional Indian garb, and I guess the mayor was hoping that the kids would be happy and that they would be excited about it.

He said he knew at that moment that there was a problem, and it was an orphan.

“I was in the middle of trying to put people out of their misery,” he said.

It was a day that we all felt it.

I felt for the kids that were going through the fire.

And I was glad that we got them out of there, because they’re so important to the community.

The fire happened on June 4, 2016, and firefighters said it started in the roof and continued through the building, engulfing everything.

Eighteen firefighters were killed and more than 300 people were displaced.

Over a year later, it’s still a cause for concern, especially in light of a recent report by the U.S. Department of Education that states that many American Indian children suffer from mental health problems and that there’s a lack of funding for their mental health services.

At the time, the fire was the focus of a national conversation about social justice, and many of the communities in which the orphanage was located also saw it as a tragedy. 

Burlington’s mayor told the Free Press after the fire that it’s something that we must not forget.

“I think we need to remember, we have a very, very important legacy,” Moore said.

“I mean, there are kids that are gone and so many other children who have not had the chance to see their parents and have grown up in the foster care system and we’ve lost them.”

In the video that was posted to YouTube, a group is seen walking into the building as flames begin to burn out the windows.

In one video, a young girl asks for her parents and brother and asks if they can come out.

But she’s not allowed, and she falls to the ground, where the young boy is still standing.

When the fire finally ends, a man can be heard telling the group to run.

And that’s when the fire spread to a nearby carport.

According to the report, the children at the orphanages were separated from their families for nearly two years and were placed with relatives.

While many of those children were placed into foster care, some were not.

By the time the fire went out, the Burlington Fire Department had determined that only a few hundred of the approximately 3,000 children in the orphanagers homes lived in safe homes.

More than 300 families were displaced in Burlington, and more people lost their homes and belongings.

Since the fire, the city has made some strides to help homeless and impoverished children, but more needs to be done, Moore said in a statement.

“At the same time, it is our responsibility as a city to ensure that these children and their families are cared for and treated with dignity and respect,” he wrote.

Many of the children who were in the building at the time of the fire have since moved on to other settings.

Now that the fire has passed, the orphanager that housed them has reopened, and that includes the school, which has been open since the fire began.

Moore told the AP that he was in awe of the students who were still there and how they all had such good spirits.

“They’re the kindest kids, they’re the nicest kids,” he told the newspaper.

We are blessed, and we are grateful for the love and the help we have received from people around the world.

Read more at the AP.

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