ROME — The Romanians who once were the biggest of the Balkan countries are still struggling to find new homes for the animals they once owned, with some homes already being demolished.

A Facebook post this week by Romanian orphanages, which had more than 6,000 likes, shows pictures of a group of abandoned animals scattered across the countryside.

“Today we have just a handful of homes in Romania, but the rest of Romania is under threat,” the post read.

The Romanian National Agency for Animal Protection and Social Affairs said it is working with the country’s local authorities to find permanent housing for the abandoned animals, which it said were not suitable for human habitation.

In an interview with The Associated Press, RCAAP spokesman Antoni Sivak said the agency is currently trying to find temporary housing for more than 2,000 animals, but there are currently no plans to provide permanent housing to these animals.

Some of the animals were taken to Romania from Slovakia in 2012, Sivaka said.

“There was a lot of pressure from the Slovakian government, the Slovaks and the Slovakers to get the animals out of Slovakia,” he said.

“We’ve taken care of these animals since that time, but not all of them are in the care of us anymore.”

I think it’s a tragedy to have these animals in Slovakia, because Slovakia was one of the biggest countries of origin for animals when it came to rescue and adoption.

“Sivaka noted that the Romanian government was not happy about the animal shelter closures that took place in Slovakia and Slovakia’s neighboring Czech Republic.”

The Slovak government was responsible for this and the Czech government is responsible for the Slovazians’ relocation,” he added.”

But the Romanian authorities didn’t want to work with us, and they’re now doing this because the Slovasians are too close to Romania and they don’t want us to work together.

“A post by Romanian animal shelter in Bucharest, Romania, on April 10, 2020.

(Courtesy of Romania’s National Agency of Animal Protection, Romania)A Facebook page for Romania’s RCAADP animal shelter, which operates in Romania and Slovakia, also appeared to have been shut down.

The RCAAPD Facebook page has about 4,000 followers.

The Romanian government said it was aware of the Facebook post, and it would take action against the RCAAMF to prevent any violations.”

It’s an international obligation to take care of animals,” SivAK said.

Romania is the third country in Europe to offer a national animal shelter.

It is the largest in Europe.

In 2014, the country also became the first country in the EU to adopt a ban on the sale of fur and leather products.

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