NEW YORK — Louiseville, the Louisville, Va., orphanage where an American woman was allegedly abused and murdered, has named its new CEO, saying she wants to “do the right things.”

Louiseville Mayor John H. Kallis Jr. said in a statement Monday that the company’s new CEO will lead the organization’s recovery efforts after the death of the mother, Louise Marie Schuyler, a 28-year-old mother of four.

Kallis also said the organization would establish an independent board of directors and establish an office in Louisville.

Louise Schuylers sister, Lisa, told The Associated Press the organization is grateful for the outpouring of support.

She said the outpourings have been overwhelming.

“It means a lot to me to know that people are looking out for us and being there for us, because it’s so hard,” Lisa Schuyls said.

“I want us to do this right.”

Louisa Schuyers family said Monday that she had been a victim of child abuse.

Louisa’s sister said she believes the organization will be “a good place to work and to help the community.”

She said her sister was killed in the city’s downtown core in December, about a month after her parents were married.

Louises parents are from California and her mother from Missouri.

Louis’ family has been in an emotional state since the day she died.

Lisa said she hopes that Louise will continue to live a life of honor and dignity in the future.

“She will be remembered as a caring, caring person who was loved by her friends and her family, and who will be missed,” Lisa said.

“I am so grateful that she has been given the chance to come into this world, and be a part of this family.

I hope she will continue the life of love and generosity that she chose to have.”

Louis Schuylls family has not given a reason for her death.

Louislas family has said she was abused by her mother and her stepfather, and the agency said she suffered from “stressful situations and mental health issues.”

Lisa said Louise would often go shopping for shoes, which are often in short supply at the orphanage.

“Louise loved to be outside.

She loved to run, to run and jump on the swings,” Lisa told The AP.”

Her mother would say, ‘She’s too small for her shoes.

She’s too big for her feet.’

She said she didn’t care about the size of her shoes.”

Lisa and Louise Schuyles sisters said they have not spoken to each other since their mother’s death.

“We haven’t talked in years,” Lisa’s sister, Angela, said.

Angela said she does not know how much time Louise will spend at the facility.

“When we do see each other, we will hug,” she said.

Lisa and her sister said they plan to continue to work toward her recovery.

“This is just the beginning.

We’re still working through the grief,” Lisa added.

Louising Schuyl’s father, Thomas Schuylier, told the AP he was devastated to learn of her death and that his family has lost a loved one.

“There is no greater tragedy than that, the loss of a person of this stature and her intelligence and her integrity, and her heart,” he said.

He said he hopes Louise will “go to her grave feeling a little bit better, knowing that she did what she wanted to do and she will be a person to be proud of.”

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