KENYA, Kenya — In this photo taken from video, elephants walk across a grassy field after they were released from an orphanage in Kenya’s Kenya National Park on Aug. 17, 2017.

The elephants were rescued from an elephant sanctuary after the elephants were found wandering in a park in the northern Kenyan city of Nairobi.

The park was founded in 1948 by a Kenyan politician, and the park has seen a boom in visitors and tourists.

The animals are used as a symbol for the nation.

The elephants were brought from Kenya’s national park to an orphanages in Wenzhou, China.

The Wenzhuan orphanage opened in the late 1980s, and was one of the first in China to offer animals the opportunity to live in a group setting, according to its website.

On Aug. 18, a team of Chinese police and animal rights activists stormed the orphanages building and arrested the chief executive of the orphanage.

China’s state-run Xinhua news agency said the elephants had not been vaccinated for rabies, but were instead suffering from the same ailments that were afflicting captive elephants in the U.S. and Europe.

Chinese authorities are expected to file charges against the chief of the Wenzhuan orphanage and the animal rights activist.

Kenya’s government has not commented on the matter, and is not involved in the ongoing investigation, Xinhua said.

A Chinese official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Chinese state-owned news agency Xinhua that the investigation was in accordance with China’s national interests and the safety of the public.

“We will follow the law and take all necessary measures to ensure the welfare of our citizens,” the official said.

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