The story of a new charity, the Elizabeth Hamilton orphanages in Alabama, has become one of the biggest stories in American politics.

Nowhere has it been more riveting than when Donald Trump visited her orphanage in July and declared his support for the organisation.

Now, in an exclusive interview with ABC News, the mother-of-four explains the momentous momentousness of her son’s words and how she hopes his words will make a difference.ABC News: The story behind the Trump visit to the Elizabethhamilton orphan, and the impact of his comments on her life.

Eliza Hamilton: I had heard about the Trump campaign and the promise that they were making to take care of our kids and they would take care.

I didn’t know what the campaign meant.

So I was a little apprehensive, because I hadn’t heard much about it and I didn, as a mom, had my concerns.

And then, after the campaign, the word got out that Donald Trump would be coming.

So we were like, “Oh, shit, what is going on?”

And then he just showed up and he came and took a picture with us, and he said, “We need your help.

We need your donations.”

ABC News: After Donald Trump’s visit to Elizabethhampton, a few days later, he wrote in an Instagram post: I’m proud of my new @ELIZABHAMILTON @TheTrumpPence family.

This is the greatest day in the life of @elizabethhamilton family.

And the best is yet to come!

ABC News’ Rachel Nichols: Elizabethhamtons first shelter in America was built in 1905.

Its now the largest child welfare facility in the country, with more than 700 children living there.ABC NEWS: The orphanages are named after Elizabeth Hamilton, who was the daughter of John and Frances Hamilton.

ABC News’ Eliza Hamlyn: My husband and I grew up in a rural area, so our family was very poor, so it’s very hard to find homes for your kids.

And so, we didn’t have any.

We were very poor.

And she was the first to get a room.

So when she first came to live at Elizabethhamplton, she was a very, very young child.

ABC NEWS: After her arrival at Elizabethton, Elizabethhammers mother was placed in a state care home.ABC KOMO News: When she first got to Elizabethton with her mother, she said to her mother in her language, “Mom, you don’t need to come here anymore.

I know my mother can help me.”

But she says, “I’m the only one here.

I can’t have my mother here.

Why should I be worried about her?”

ABC News’: The Hamilton family became a model for other orphanages.

ABC NEWS’ Rachel Nichols: Elizabeth Hamilton was the model for many other orphanage’s across America.

So Elizabethhammilton was a model, because she was such a model.

She was very well-prepared, and her parents worked really hard and had a very strong commitment to care.

So she was very, really well-organized.

ABC KOMM: After the Trump presidency, the Hamilton family relocated to the small town of Birmingham, Alabama.

ABC WKRG-TV: They came to be known as Birmingham’s Cinderella.

ABCNEWS’ Rachel Nicholson: Elizabeth and her mother lived in a very traditional house, so she was just a little girl at the time.

And her father was a farmer, and his wife, and their two sons were very, great farmhands.

But the two boys were very talented and very bright.

And they were really good at everything they did.

And Elizabeth said, oh, dad, you should be so proud. Elizabeth Hamlin’s life changed in just a few months when she learned that her daughter, Alice, had been taken away from her parents.

ABCNews’ Elizab Hamilton: Alice came from a very poor family.

She had no schooling.

She never had the opportunity to go to school.

And we knew that we had to get her back.

And I think, after we got Alice home, we were just very happy, because we were very happy with what we had.

ABCWKRG: After Elizabeth Hamilton moved to Birmingham, a new family moved into the home, and a new child was born.

ABCKOMO: She had an opportunity to be the only child in the home and to live in her own home.

And, in the years that followed, Elizabeth Hamilton became a leader in the fight for adoption rights for girls in Alabama.ABCNEWS’ Elisa Hamlyn : She was an extremely, extremely courageous, compassionate mother.

And my husband and myself, we saw it and we saw what it was that she was doing.

We knew it was the right thing

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