A US Army orphanage was renamed on Tuesday in honor of a young soldier who died in Afghanistan in 2014, the US military said.

A soldier’s funeral was held at Fort Jackson in Georgia on Tuesday, a move the US Army announced Monday.

The ceremony also marked the 10-year anniversary of the death of another soldier, who was killed in battle.

The memorial to Sgt. David S. Johnson was erected in Fort Jackson, Georgia, in memory of the late Sgt. Johnson.

The soldier died in combat in 2014.

The name change was made possible by donations from a local business.

The Army had previously announced that the Fort Jackson orphanage would be renamed after Sgt. S.M. Johnson, who died at the facility in October 2014.

He was a 17-year-old who was shot and killed during a firefight in a house in an undisclosed area of Afghanistan.

The soldiers death was one of several that have plagued the Fort Johnson facility, where the military has been battling the Taliban since 2006.

The Pentagon has called for a review of the facility after a video showed a young female soldier kneeling in front of a tank while it fires on insurgents.

The Fort Jackson community in Georgia has also been grieving the loss of the soldier.

In February, two women and a man were killed when an explosion ripped through the building.

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