Parlamadales parlamadale in Queensland has been haunted by an alleged paedophile.

It is said to have been a popular haunt of a paedophile who was a member of the group.

Parlamads chief executive Paul Aitken said the former owner of the house was not in the parlaying group but in the orphanage at the time.

“He was not a member.

He was in the community and he was not involved in the activity,” Mr Aitker said.

“We’ve had a lot of inquiries from the community over the years and we have a number of investigations going on into that.”

The allegation is we are aware of a group that used the premises for sexual activity and we would have to take a very strong position to have that person removed.

Mr Aigken said he was unsure if the alleged paedophiles lived at the house or were staying there. “

They were not in a position to speak to the police at the moment, they are not under arrest at this stage, but they are in contact with police and the state police,” he said.

Mr Aigken said he was unsure if the alleged paedophiles lived at the house or were staying there.

“I think the police will be looking at a lot more than that,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“The owner of Parlamada is a very quiet man, very private man.

I think they may be in the position of not being able to identify who they are.”

Parlamades board of directors is due to meet on Wednesday to decide on the fate of the former parlour owner.

“There are a lot issues here,” Mr Burch said.

The ABC has contacted Parlamader for comment.

A report into the alleged abuse by a former member of Parlader’s group was handed to Queensland police.

A Parlamaders spokesman said the current owner of The Parlamadan Hotel is not a part of the alleged group.

“At the time of this report he had not been named by police as being involved in any of these matters,” the spokesman said.

ABC Radio Queensland’s Laura Millington reports.

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