It’s not just a matter of a few poor souls suffering for the sake of a country that has always had them.

It also means that for the first time in history, an elephant is at risk of death and the entire animal community is standing together to protect it.

It’s been almost 10 years since a group of 10 people set out on a mission to save the beloved animal.

They were headed to a remote mountain where they would be given the chance to see the majestic animals that roam the land.

The trek was so remote that they only had two days of sleep.

Then, on December 12, 2016, a massive landslide struck a remote section of the mountains.

The rock slid down the mountain, burying all 10 of the men.

The survivors were buried in a mass grave that had to be dug out of the ground, buried and cremated.

Now, after the tragedy, the team of 10 has started an effort to find a safe haven for the remaining animals, and in order to do so, they need help from all corners of the world.

Their story has touched hearts across the globe, and they are helping to raise money and awareness to help them.

The group is calling for a $10 million fund to be raised to help find the remaining elephants and raise the funds to save them.

But the group’s efforts have been hampered by one thing: the lack of funding.

The animals are suffering under a lack of proper veterinary care.

The veterinarians say that the animals have not been properly tested and tested positive for rabies.

They are also under the impression that the animal welfare organization that helps find homes for the animals does not have the resources to do this.

The funds they are seeking will go towards finding a vet to care for the elephants.

They have also received an anonymous donation of $500.

The group hopes that this donation will be enough to get the elephants out of their mass grave and into a safe place, where they will be cared for by the veterinary staff.

The animals have already been put to sleep, but they will not be allowed to rest.

The remaining animals will also be given an opportunity to stay in their home, in order for them to be able to see their friends, and for them the opportunity to get a haircut and eat.

“The whole family, including me, are in tears,” said Daryne Gokoradze, one of the 10 members of the group.

“We are very sorry that we cannot save these animals.

The orphanages, the veterinary facilities, the orphanages that have been established for us, are all in ruins.

But we are still alive, we are alive, and we will not die.”

The group has been in touch with several other animal rescue groups, and will continue to work with them.

The team of ten has started a crowdfunding campaign for their orphanage to help raise funds to buy them out of poverty.

If they manage to raise $10,000, they will provide them with a safe house to live in for the next four years.

The money will be used to find the vets to care, and also to provide a new home for the elephant orphans that are in the care of other animal rescues.

They hope to raise enough money to buy a new house for them as well.

The donation will also go towards a program to get an elephant, and their friends and families out of orphanages and into an environment where they can be rehabilitated.

The team is currently looking for another elephant to help out.

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