Orlando, Florida, March 21, 2018 — “My mother died when she was a child.

My father died when he was a man.

My two brothers were killed by the government of Uganda when they were 12 years old,” says 17-year-old Omar, who lives with his aunt and uncle in an orphanage in Uganda’s capital.

“When I was 10 years old, I witnessed my father die when I was a boy.”

Omar, now 19, is the son of a widower and a refugee.

He says his aunt died while he was young.

He was born in Uganda in 1977 and moved to America when he turned 16.

Omar says he has not seen his father since he was 10.

“It’s not normal to have a brother and sister who have died in the same house.

It’s hard,” he says.

“I was always scared of people, so I didn’t go out with other people.

I wanted to be alone.”

Omar was sent to an orphanages program for about a year.

“They treated me very well.

They took care of me and my family.

They gave me everything, even my money,” Omar says.

His uncle, Omar’s uncle, was one of the first to die in Uganda.

The three of them were killed on March 22, 1972, in the town of Kano.

His father was killed on July 10, 1972 in a shootout with the Ugandan Army.

“My uncle was killed by a soldier, while I was living with my father,” Omar said.

His mother was killed in a car accident on July 11, 1972.

Omar’s father, who is still alive, has not returned to his home country, where he was raised by his aunt.

He has been missing for more than 50 years.

He died when Omar was a young boy, and Omar says the only place his father ever showed up was in a military camp for the wounded and orphans.

Omar is the only one who knows the name of his uncle’s killer.

“He is the last of my father’s killers,” Omar tells CNN.

“The people that killed my father were very brave.

They were doing what they were trained to do.”

Omar’s aunt, who was also killed, told CNN that her brother was tortured and that the Ugandans never gave her her father’s body.

“Even if my uncle was in prison, he was still here,” she said.

Omar also says that he was never able to return to his hometown of Nairobi, where his father’s family still lives.

“We were poor and had no place to go to.

My mother and father left for other places, but my mother was never allowed to go back,” he said.

“Now I am scared to go outside because I can’t go to my uncle’s grave.

I want my uncle to return.”

Omar has lived in the United States for four years.

His aunt is still in the U.S. Omar said he had no idea where he will go after he returns home.

“If I die, I will come back to Uganda,” he told CNN.

Omar, whose mother died, said he wanted to help people.

“Many people don’t have access to education and healthcare.

I would like to give them a better future.

I hope to inspire people who are sick and who are living in poverty,” he added.

“People in Uganda don’t deserve this.”

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