By Tom StenstromIt’s an image that has been used as the template for everything from how to save the world to how to stop the refugees from coming.

But what if you could create an orphanage in the country where your children live?

That’s the goal of the modern orphanage.

And it’s a dream that’s being put to the test in Romania’s capital, Bucharest.

It’s a project to create a modern, family-run orphanage for children from orphanages across Romania, and one of the countries hardest hit by the influx of refugees and migrants.

It began in 2012 with a project that would create a new orphanage and then expand it to other areas of the country.

It has since grown to include more than 50 homes, which will provide a safe and caring environment for children, as well as a new space for their families to meet.

“I believe that this project is a chance to build an institution that is truly a beacon for Romania,” said Fabian Rachman, the director of the new orphanages.

The aim is to help children who live in the capital’s orphanages find their way in a new, safer world, while also saving the orphanages from closing as well.

The project was launched by the Romanian Foundation for the Future, a government-funded initiative that helps fund innovative projects in Romania, which has seen a dramatic increase in the number of children and young people arriving from eastern Europe.

In Bucharest, the number is rising, with an estimated 50,000 children and teenagers arriving annually from the east of the former Soviet Union, which Romania has since joined the EU.

Rachman said the idea of modern orphanages had already been discussed at the UN, but was first mooted by Romanian politicians.

“We are very happy that it’s an idea that people want to put forward, and that they can be part of it,” he said.

“The idea is not to have the orphanage as an empty space.

It’s to provide a place where they can come and meet people.”

He said he had talked to a few of the people involved in the project, and had learned that many people who have never visited Romania have also been interested.

“There is a lot of interest in this idea from different parts of the world, but also from Romania itself,” he added.

“People who have lived in Romania for a long time and are looking for a change of life and a change in their own lives.

This project is very exciting.”

Romania has been the biggest destination for refugees and asylum seekers in Europe, with more than 12,000 migrants arriving in the first five months of the year, according to the UNHCR.

Many families were forced to live in camps, with only the few who could afford to buy food available for the family.

“In Romania, the cost of food has been rising over the last few years, so people were forced into this very harsh situation, with the only option being to leave,” said Rachmann.

“So many of these children have been left without a place to go to.

It would be really good to create this place, so that they have somewhere to go.”

A group of young children with their families at the Romanian orphanages in Bucharest last year.

The plan is to open up the project to the public and give the idea a chance.

The Romanian Government will also provide the money, which is set to start in September.

“This project has not been a very well-known idea,” Rachmansaid.

“But there is a huge amount of interest, because people think that it is a good idea.”

In Romania alone, more than 5,000 families have been displaced due to the influx.

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