The Tampa Bay Times reports that the orphanages and the community in which they reside are experiencing the loss of their lives as Hurricane Florence has made the way of the East coast even more treacherous.

The orphanages are located in the North Bay and East Hills of Tampa, as well as on the east side of Tampa.

They were evacuated on Sunday, and the remaining six are still under evacuation orders.

The community is located in a neighborhood known as the Tampico neighborhood.

The Times reports the orphanaged children live in the East Hills and East Bay and the children have received many letters and offers of help from strangers.

The family has also received some donations from individuals, as people from out of state have offered to take in the children and provide food and shelter.

The Times reports there is no sign that the community is getting much help from the local police department, which has had trouble keeping up with the influx of people.

There are also reports that some police officers are leaving the area because of the flooding.

It is unclear how many of the children are still in the orphanagers care.

There has been no word on whether or not the family has been able to get a lawyer to represent them.

Tampa police officers have been asked to remain at the community for the time being, but they have not been asked for help.

The Tampica Neighborhood Association is asking for donations of food and other necessities for the children.

A number of volunteers have volunteered to feed the children at the orphanaging, and they have also begun to distribute donations to the surrounding homes.

The group also has a shelter set up at the Tampa Airport for the homeless.

The local fire department is also helping, as they have had to provide extra water pumps, blankets, and medical supplies.

The fire department has also been assisting the community by providing water and gas for the residents in need.

Tampico Mayor Steve Dolan says the community has been overwhelmed and needs the help of the community, friends, and neighbors.

He says there are many families that are homeless and need to be housed.

“We’re a small community, but we’re going to keep working together to provide the needs of those who are in need,” Dolan said.

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