In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, a local woman who runs an orphanage named “Tennessee” in northern Florida is calling the facility’s name because of the conditions in which the animals live.

The Texas of Africa was founded in 1884 by an Irish-American who traveled to Africa to provide relief to the poor.

It’s the first and only orphanage outside of the U.S. to operate in Africa.

Tennesse is not alone in her call to rename the facility because the animals are living in an unsafe, overcrowded, and unhealthy environment.

The state’s Department of Health says more than 300 animals are in its care at the facility, which is located in the town of Nelspruits, north of Palm Beach County.

Nelspores, or “the people,” live in a four-story brick building with no windows or doors.

They have no heat, no hot water, no blankets, no running water, and no food.

Their diet consists of a mix of grass, fruit, vegetables, and insects, according to a state report.

The facility’s chief medical officer, Dr. Eric Mancini, told Breitbart News that the animals suffer from dehydration and heatstroke due to the conditions they are living under.

The animals are treated in an outdoor pool that has been contaminated with feces and urine.

The facility also has no sewage disposal system.

Nelspruits has been criticized for neglecting its animals and failing to provide them with adequate food and water.

In addition, the facility has had a record of not providing proper care to the animals, according the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Eric Kohn, a veterinary surgeon at the orphanage who has been working in the facility since 2014, told the newspaper that the facilities “isn’t the kind of place where you go to get help.”

Nelsspruits’ staff is struggling with overcrowding and the lack of proper sanitation.

There are nearly two dozen children in the boarding house, according an Animal Welfare Institute report.NELSSPORSES HOLDS NO FEDERAL FUNDSIn addition to the lack in food and medical care, Nelsspruit is also under investigation by the U

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