Goodland in south-east Queensland has opened its doors to its first dog-free home.

Key points:The Goodland Home for Animals in Palmyra is a 100-bed animal refugeThe facility will be a new home for the Palmyra Kennel Club, which was founded in 2006The shelter has already housed more than 300 animals and received more than 3,500 visitsThe facility was founded by the Palmeiras Kennel club in 2006 and since has housed more then 300 animals.

Now Goodland’s facility will open its doors for the first time in the state, the Palmyra Kennel Association said.

“This is an important milestone for us and it’s been a long time coming,” CEO Stephen O’Brien said.

“I hope this is a signal to other rescue groups and rescue groups across Australia that we are a beacon for dogs and they should look into the Palmareres Kennel.”

He said the facility was also being used as a “home for orphaned dogs” and was being funded by the Government.

Mr O’Briens group had hoped to bring the Palmares Kennels Club’s orphaned pets into Goodland but the organization did not receive a contract for the facility, he said.’

Paws will be well cared for’Mr O ‘Brien said the new facility would be a home for about 250 dogs and cats and will include a kennel, a boarding facility and an animal welfare centre.

“We will be providing veterinary care, and we will be able to provide veterinary services to the animals we care for,” he said

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