In May, the orphanages in Nepean were visited by Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time since their establishment in 1991.

He and his wife were welcomed by the families of children in the orphaned wards.

The Russian president said he was looking forward to the day when the orphans would receive their education in Russia.

In his speech, Putin stressed the importance of helping orphans.

“Children of the orphanaged children should get an education in the Russian Federation, which means that the orphans should have a chance to make their own decisions and their own dreams, and I’m convinced that this will happen,” he said.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at the time that the orphanagers would have the opportunity to make the right decisions.

He added that Russia has a tradition of helping orphanages and hoped that the Russian government would do so for orphans as well.

In his address, the Russian leader also promised the support of Russian citizens and the Ukrainian authorities for the Russian-backed Ukrainian forces.

The Ukrainian president also praised the Russian president’s efforts in helping orphans in the Ukraine, adding that he will make an announcement soon.

The UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said that the UK will be “committed” to helping the orphanaging institutions in Nepala, in addition to the US, Canada and Australia.

“We’re working to establish a relationship with the Ukrainian government to support the orphanarics in Nepel and to help support Ukraine’s efforts to build a lasting peace and stability in the region,” he tweeted.

“There will be further opportunities to be a voice in this effort in the months and years ahead.”

In Nepea, where the orphan-care centres are located, the number of people living in poverty is estimated to be about 500,000, according to a 2016 study by the World Bank.

The orphanage’s director said the government would not provide the funds for the orphan centres, which would be funded by the Russian state.

“I’m going to have to pay the bills,” said the director, Elmar Zelenik.

But the government has promised to provide the facilities and the infrastructure to the orphan care facilities.

“The orphanages will be ready in the near future,” said Vladimir Zolotarev.

“Everything will be in place.”

The director of the Nepeian orphanage said he has received several calls from people in the UK who are willing to help out with the facilities, but he said that there were no plans to establish any further facilities in the United Kingdom.

“People here want to do what they can,” said Zelenak.

“We have people who have been working on this project for many years,” said Zolodarskiy.

“They are willing, they are ready to do anything.”

Russian authorities say that about 300 people are currently living in the facilities.

Nepean has the lowest poverty rate in the country, according the World Economic Forum.

However, the majority of those in the facility, which are mostly children, are from Ukraine.

Many of them have lived in the area for years, with their families in the town of Lutsk, the report said.

At the moment, the United Nations and the European Union have set up a task force to help the orphans.

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