A day after she and her daughter were orphaned in Ghana, a Bangladeshi woman who is a licensed nursing professional went into hiding in a nearby village to seek protection.

The woman, who cannot be identified because she is a nurse, has been living with her parents in a house near a temple.

The only child, her elder sister and two of her four siblings are with her.

When she was 13, she was attacked by her mother’s boyfriend, who was drunk and abusive.

The woman and her sister were beaten severely, including a tooth pulled out.

She spent three months in hospital, undergoing treatment for her injuries.

The mother was arrested and sent to prison for three years.

The couple separated and the woman started working as a nurse in a private nursing home in the town of Thangarh.

She returned to the village to raise the three children, but was again attacked by the boyfriend.

She returned to work in another nursing home, and after a year, she returned to Thangare, a village nearby.

The local police station in Thangareddy is close to where she lives.

“I was told that if I come back I would be arrested,” she told Al Jazeera.

But when the police arrived, she said they were told to take the two children back to the home.

“They gave me no choice.

They were ordered to take them away.

When they came, they beat me, threw me out of the house and forced me to give them my money,” she said.

The police did not provide her with the money she needed to feed her children, which she did not have.

The women’s children, aged five and two, live with their grandmother in the nearby village.

The children live in a home with their mother.

When Al Jazeera visited the home, it was not safe.

There were no running water, electricity and food.

“They have no money, they are hungry and have no food,” the woman said.

When the women came to seek refuge, she and the other two sisters were beaten by the women and forced to stay in the home while their mother was held for a month.

The police arrested the mother after a few days.

“I was not given any help,” the mother told Al JA.

“No medical treatment, no food, no blankets, nothing.

I was beaten, raped, tortured, they took my money, their money, my house.

They took everything.”

The woman was given a six-month jail sentence for “spreading hatred against Islam” and for “making a false complaint”.

The police also detained the woman’s daughter, who lives with her grandmother, and accused her of being an accomplice to the attack on the woman.

The court sentenced her to three years in prison for “aggravated rape”.

The woman is still waiting to receive the money her children need to feed themselves.

“If I have any money, I will give it to my children,” she was quoted as saying.

In the absence of the money, the women are forced to spend most of their time sleeping.

“There are two women here who don’t work, and we are unable to pay them,” she added.

The mother has been unable to feed the children since the attack, but the girls have not been able to go to school either.

“We are not allowed to go out, we have to go outside.

I cannot teach them, so I cannot feed them,” the man said.

A woman and two sisters live with the woman and mother in Thagare in Bangladesh.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adil is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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