Cypriots say they are “very, very desperate” to open a new orphanage, with no money coming from donors or the government.

Key points:A new orphanages is needed to help alleviate the crisisThe orphanage will be run by the Cyprio Council of Social ServicesThe Cyprios have appealed to foreign donors to help fund the projectThe new facility, called the Cyprus Institute for the Prevention of Torture, will be built in the southern town of Kotor and be run in cooperation with the Cyrios Council of the Social Services.

It will be the first orphanage outside of the former Soviet Union, and the second in the country.

It was opened in October 2013, and its opening was delayed because of a series of deadly and mysterious cases.

The project will cost about US$400,000 ($500,000).

It was criticised by some activists who said the facility would “perpetuate the idea that Cypriotes are criminals and must be destroyed”, and that it would “cause more suffering”.

The new orphanaged will be managed by the Council of Cypriota Social Services, which will provide the financial support to pay for the facility and to run it in accordance with its mandate.

It is also being funded by the Government of Cyprus, which has pledged US$25m ($30m) in aid to Cypriote society.

Its director, Kari Raunis, said the new facility would be run on a “national level” and would offer “a much needed boost to the economy”.

The project is being funded through the Cyprus Institute for Human Rights, a non-profit organisation run by a former Greek CypriOTW (People’s Volunteer Organisation), and is aimed at helping the population of the island to rebuild their lives and avoid the cycle of poverty.

Raunis said it would be open to “anyone who can pay”, with any donations accepted in cash.

“This is a project for everyone who is in need of a safe and comfortable environment, who has the skills to build a better future, and who has access to the best health care available,” she said.

“The Institute for Prevention of the Torture is also in need and will be able to provide support for this project.”‘

We are all orphans’Cyprus is in the midst of a crisis of its own making.

More than a third of the country’s population of 8.5 million people live below the poverty line, with some 8 million unable to work due to lack of access to education.

A recent poll revealed that nearly one in four adults in the island had either been beaten by their parents or had experienced some form of violence.

Since the start of the crisis, more than 50,000 people have been transferred from their homes and have been relocated to temporary accommodation, including at least 200,000 children.

Roughly one-third of the people living on the island have experienced some kind of trauma, with the majority of victims having suffered at the hands of family members, friends or acquaintances.

Some of the children are also affected by mental health problems, with one in six people suffering from mental illness.

There are now nearly 200,500 people living in orphanages in the area, with only around 200 living in permanent accommodation.

Cyprus’s government has said it has identified around 20,000 places for those living in temporary accommodation but many of them have been left without any staff, meaning they are unable to provide any services.

Many of the new orphanaging sites are run by private organisations and are run in an atmosphere of fear, with staff being paid in cash to look after the facilities.

A number of them are run without any funding, with a new one in Kotor not even being named in the local press.

A new facility to help ease the crisisA new hospital is being built in Kota, near the island’s main airport, but only one in three people living there are receiving treatment.

The new hospital will be open from February next year and will take care of all the patients, staff and volunteers who live in the orphanage.

The charity, Cyriota, said it was hoping to secure some funding from the US government and the private sector for the construction of the hospital.

Rana Korkis, an adviser to the Cyriso Council, told Reuters that a project like this was a “priority for the government”.

“We have appealed for donations from the international community, but the government hasn’t responded so far,” she added.

She said the Council had “seen the need” for a new facility but that there were many other needs, including providing healthcare to the children and providing a safe environment for them to recover.

The orphanages are currently run by two organisations: the Cyrieo Council for the Protection of Human Rights and the Cyrico Institute for Rehabilitation of Tortured Persons

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