This week we’ve got a whole bunch of stories about how Pixar and Disney are developing their own animated films, and how to write one.

Disney is building a new studio in Los Angeles called Pixar and is hoping to have their first film in theaters this year, and it looks like they’re going to have a very big film in front of them in 2017.

The first film to be announced will be Cars, which is based on the wildly popular animated film Frozen.

So far, Disney hasn’t officially announced a release date, but we’ve been told that the studio is aiming to release Cars 2 in 2019, followed by Cars 3 and possibly Cars 4 in 2020.

But Disney has been working on this film for several years, and they’re hoping to finish it by 2020.

Disney’s goal is to get the movie to a production rate of 70,000 cars per day in order to make a profit on the film, and that’s something that Disney executives have been working to do for years.

And now, they’ve finally found a director.

John Lasseter will be directing Cars 2, which will be the sequel to Cars, but Disney isn’t saying much about the movie itself.

However, Pixar and Walt Disney Imagineering have been teasing the film for quite some time, and we think it’s pretty safe to assume that they will continue to do so.

Pixar CEO Bob Iger said at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that the goal of Pixar is to produce movies in a very similar fashion to Disney.

He said that he hopes to have the first Pixar film in 2019.

It looks like Disney is going to release a Pixar film first, and then it will go to Disney and say, “Hey, let’s do this one.”

It will then go to the other studios, which may or may not be Pixar, and work out what they think.

But Pixar has also been developing films that have a much more traditional story, and Pixar’s director, John Lasso, has been involved in all of them.

Pixar has been developing projects that are very different than what Pixar usually does, and Lasso is very well-versed in this field.

So he’s probably the guy who would have the best chance to tell the story, but there’s no way that we can say who’s going to direct the first film, or even who’s gonna direct the second film, because they’re so different.

So we’re just looking at that right now.

I’m sure they’ll make it work, and I’m hoping that we’ll see them make a movie.

They’ve done some very ambitious films, Pixar movies that have had big budgets and huge stars.

Pixar is also working on two movies in the pipeline, but it’s unclear if those two will be released before or after Cars 2.

It’s still early days for Pixar, but I’m excited to see how they develop these projects, and to see them finish them, because I’m a Pixar fan.

The other new Pixar project is Cars 2: Car Wars, which has been delayed for almost three years now, and is set in Los Santos and is based off the popular Cars series of movies.

This project is set to hit theaters in 2020, but the first trailer for the film showed that it would be in 2019 or 2020.

And that trailer was really a teaser of what the film was going to be like.

But when the first Cars 2 trailer came out in March, it was very different.

There was no Cars 2 story to tell.

There wasn’t even a Cars 2 poster, which was an interesting thing.

It wasn’t like we were seeing a sequel to a film.

We weren’t even seeing Cars 2 at all.

We were seeing Cars.

Cars 2 was very much a teaser, and this is the new Cars 2 teaser, which shows the trailer for Cars 2 coming in 2019/2020, but with a different look.

It shows a little bit more of the cars, and a little more of a car that’s driving in a car park, and maybe a little something else.

But we can’t get the first teaser out, because Pixar has made so many other films, so we’ll have to wait for another trailer, or a second trailer, and just wait until we see Cars 2 come out.

Pixar released their first trailer back in 2010, which showed Cars 2 being driven by a young girl.

Now we can see that the first movie was pretty much the same.

There were still lots of cars, but this time they had a girl driving them, and there were more people around.

The second trailer was almost completely different.

Cars were driving around Los Santos in a small, shiny, red car, and the second trailer had cars driving around in huge, green cars.

The last trailer was even more different, and showed Cars 4 and Cars 5 driving around a city, which looks like it would’ve been set in LA, and had a lot more people driving around. So

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