The story of a young girl from a orphanage in Japan, who died from complications from pneumonia, is being told in a documentary on Chinese orphanages.

An online fundraising campaign has raised more than $500,000 to cover the cost of the documentary.

A new documentary on China’s orphanages is being made.

The documentary is being narrated by a woman who has lived in one of the orphanages in the city of Nanchang, and she tells of the challenges and struggles her children faced as they were growing up.

The story will tell a personal and moving tale.

“It’s a story of how a young woman came to die in an orphanage.

The tragedy is in that, it was an accident.

And that’s a very sad story.

And it is one that we can relate to,” said a woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

The woman said that in her experience, the orphanage where the young woman lived was a place where people were afraid.

It was a difficult place to grow up, she said.

It’s very difficult for children, especially children from rural areas, to come to China because they are not used to the language.

The orphans, who are separated from their families and from the culture, are very shy.

Children were living in the same house for so many years.

But it was not the normal situation.

The family that the orphaned children had, that’s where the trauma comes from,” the woman said.

The woman has lived with the orphanaged children in Nanchong for more than two years, but she has never been able to speak to the family.

Her own mother died a few years ago, leaving her with her father.

The woman said the orphanaging had no money and she didn’t know what to do.”

It was very difficult.

We didn’t have the support.

And they were very sad.

They cried when the children would be sick. “

And they would cry in the morning.

They cried when the children would be sick.

And we would cry when the kids would be hungry.

We would cry because we didn’t understand how to handle it.

We were always crying.”

The woman lives in Nantong in the Guangxi province.

She said she doesn’t know how much money she raised, and has not been able, in all of her years of living in China, to support herself financially.

She said she wanted to give back to the orphanets in China.

I want to do something good for China and for the children of the country,” she said, adding that she hopes that other people will see her story and take the same path as she did.

As the story of the girl from Nanchung, from the Chinese orphanage system, continues to be told in this documentary, the woman hopes that more and more Chinese children will come to know the struggles and challenges they face when they are growing up in China and to speak up.”

I hope that more people will speak up and help the orphanries.

I hope that they will find the courage to speak out.

That is what they need,” she explained.

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