It’s the first time a Syrian boy has died in a Palmyra orphanages life.

His parents, a pair of orphanages teachers, were also killed during the fighting.

The orphanages was founded by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Palmyra.

Now, Palmyra is being turned into a refugee camp by the Islamic State.

The United Nations refugee agency estimates that over one million people have fled Syria’s war.

But Palmyra has struggled to shelter and care for the people displaced.

One of the hardest parts of the refugee crisis is that it has been especially difficult for young men who are still trying to make a living.

The Palmyra orphans have been doing so since 2015.

The young men are all young men from the neighborhood, and they have very little money.

So they have to make do, and that’s been their life for the last few years.

They go to Palmyra to earn money, and in the process, they learn about life in Syria and how people survive.

“Every time we go there, we’re just looking at the people that we’ve seen.

They’re the same people who were killed,” said one of the orphanages’ teachers, Abdulla, as he told us how the Syrian boys in his community go to work each day.

The boys work every day.

Abdullah was born in 2016, and he lives in the neighborhood of Tashrif, just west of Palmyren.

The city of Palyren is also home to a school for the orphans, and many of the families are from the same family.

In 2017, the Archdiocesan Church in Palmyra sent an email to the students.

They said that the school has a program for those who have left the city and that it’s a great way to learn about the country, its people and how to live in peace.

The email said that there were about 2,000 Syrian children who were enrolled in the program.

The Archdioknights message included an instruction for parents, and also a link to a video that showed a child with a scar on his face, saying that he was in the orphanage.

The video was posted on social media and went viral.

“The video is the most important thing because it shows what we are doing for these children,” said Abduella.

“They’re not orphans.

They were already in the community and they’ve been there for about two months, and then they were brought here and they are our friends.”

The video shows the boy holding a hand over the scar on the boy’s face.

The scar is from a previous shooting, Abddah said, and it was there that he started to develop the scar, but it’s been a long time since he has seen it.

“My father’s been shot,” Abduallah said.

“We are the ones who shoot.

We have guns.”

The boy’s father, who was wounded in the fighting, was also killed, and the boy has been staying with his brother in the refugee camp.

In the video, Abedallah shows the scars on the other boy.

He says that the other child is not yet at school, and Abedah also told us that the boy was not yet learning English.

The other children who attend the school are from all over the neighborhood.

They speak Arabic, but they also speak English.

“It’s really hard to live here,” Abedahl said.

The boy who has the scar is also studying for the Syrian national exam, and there is a waiting list for him to be sent to the academy in Syria.

The waiting list is about two weeks long, and sometimes the waiting list stretches to months.

Abedala and Abdualah say that the Syrians living in the camp have no hope.

They told us the story of the boy who was born without a father.

Abeddah’s father is in his 60s, and his mother died before he was born.

The family lives in a one-room house with a hole in the roof.

The parents are also in prison.

There are about 15 other families that live in the tent, but most of them don’t have any children, and most of the people who are in the tents are women.

“There is no hope for us,” Abdedah said.

One day, a friend of the family, who is also in the Palmyra refugee camp, brought us to the orphanarium in the old church.

“This is the best thing that I have seen,” Abdahl said as we walked in.

“People are trying to help the children, but I don’t know what will happen next.”

The Syrian boys are living in tents and on the streets of the city.

The refugees who have been in the city are trying their best to support them, but that is difficult.

The families in the camps are worried about what will become

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