By becoming the largest and oldest orphanage in the world, Rhinos Ranch in Rawalpondi, India has become one to watch in 2017.

The ranch is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and is home to over 300 orphanages.

The main focus of Rhinos’ orphanages is to provide safe, loving homes for the orphans and their families.

They are not only providing a safe and loving environment but also a nurturing environment where they can learn and grow.

A year ago, the ranch received a $5 million grant from the World Wildlife Fund to open up the orphanages for the first time in the wild.

“We knew that we needed this grant, and we didn’t want to go through any other obstacles,” said Dr. Akshay Kumar, Director of the Center for International Wildlife Studies at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), the nation’s leading wildlife research institute.

The first rhino herd was transferred from the National Rhino Sanctuary in Kota Kinabalu, India to Rhinos National Park in the United States in 2016.

The second rhino was brought to the ranch, which is located near the foothill of the Jharkhand Himalaya in India.

“The two rhinos were brought to our facility by two local residents who brought them from the neighboring city of Rajasthan.

These two locals brought them to the Ranch for an early arrival,” said Kumar.

According to Kumar, the first rhinos arrived in 2017, but the second rhinos didn’t arrive until 2018.

“In the first few weeks, we had two of them, but they weren’t healthy,” he said.

“The rhinos had been in a bad state, so we took them to a wildlife clinic, which had two staff and six vets, and treated them,” said Rajendra Sharma, a veterinary assistant at the ranch.

The staff of the veterinary clinic have been working with the animals for more than two years.

The staffs are in contact with the families, providing them with clean drinking water, food and medicines.

The hospital at the orphanage is equipped with several different facilities, including a small clinic, medical wing and a nursery.

“For the first five years, we didn-t have much time to go and get the animals to be seen,” said Sharma.

“Now we have the facilities that we need.”

In 2017, the staffs had to travel all over the country to see the animals.

“It was really hard, but we managed to get them to Rajasthani and other places,” said Amit Kumar, a resident of Rawalpal.

“These animals are very hard to get to, but I am happy with the work that we are doing to keep these animals in our care.”

Dr. Ajay Kumar was a vet assistant at Rawal Pal’s orphanage.

He says that the care that they have provided to the animals has been truly exceptional.

“They are all in good condition,” he told The Next World.

“There are no infectious diseases and no diseases that we have had in the past, so it is a perfect environment for the animals,” he added.

The new rhinos are also getting more attention.

“People are coming to visit the orphanures and they are so happy.

There are so many visitors,” said Akshaya Kumar.

“If they are given food, they are happy and the animals are happy,” he continued.

“I have seen this change and I think it is really cool.”

While the children at the facility are not getting any new pets, the animals at the Ranch have been getting new friends.

“When the first children arrived, they were very sad and were in distress,” said Ajay.

“So we were really worried about them.

They were taken to the hospital and they were getting better.

But now they are in good shape and getting closer to their full age,” he concluded.

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