In recent months, more and more orphanages have been closing their doors due to declining numbers of children and their families, especially in remote areas.

CBC News has learned that in 2015, a handful of orphanages across Canada closed their doors for good, but not every one has survived.

The CBC’s Katie Tait reports.

A special report about orphanages and the environment is now available in a special edition of the podcast, The Hidden Truth.

The Hidden News podcast is produced by the CBC’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

It features interviews with survivors of abuse, survivors of violence and survivors of the trauma of sexual abuse.

We also hear from experts and experts on all aspects of the issue.

This is a podcast about children and the orphanage.

It is a look into the dark side of human nature.

I wanted to hear from children who were there.

So I did.

I went to the orphanages in Ontario and Manitoba.

I talked to the staff, I went out and looked at the children and I looked at their stories and then I decided, “You know what?

I don’t think these children need this.”

It is time to end child abuse and neglect, but it is also time to change the way we do things.

We need to take action.

The hidden truth: Canada’s hidden children and why they matter for the future The hidden children, as they are called, are children who have been abused, neglected or neglected by someone in their family or community.

And in this way, they are the most vulnerable group in our society.

It’s because of the way they were raised that they don’t have a normal childhood and, at the same time, they do not have a healthy development.

They are missing out on the opportunity to develop their talents, to develop the talents of others, to learn and to enjoy themselves.

As an orphan, they often experience great loneliness, trauma, depression, anxiety and isolation.

They also are at risk for abuse and violence, and in many cases, have been forced into homelessness.

This can lead to problems for the child, as well as physical and emotional abuse and bullying.

In some cases, the child will go through a process of healing, or the abuse will be stopped and the child can go back to normal life.

But for many of the children we spoke to, there was no way to return to their normal lives.

So many of them, in fact, were forced into abandonment and homelessness.

They could not see their families and friends again.

Many of them are now dealing with mental health issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

They have difficulty forming healthy relationships with their children and with others.

And there are some who, for the first time in their lives, are facing the possibility of being homeless.

These children are the invisible children of our society, invisible because they have not been able to be heard and they are invisible because there is no one to speak for them.

These are the hidden children of Canada.

As a nation, we are failing them.

They live in fear.

We are failing to protect them.

This hidden child of Canada story is one of many stories that the Truth and Remembrance Commission has heard from the survivors of child sexual abuse in Canada.

Here are some of the stories we heard from people who are currently or formerly hidden: Anne has been in the orphanaged care system since she was six months old.

Her family lived on the same street, and she would go there and play with the children.

Her father would come home at night and they would play in the yard, and they were all alone, but they were in the house.

She used to cry, because she was scared.

She was scared because she felt that if she didn’t go out, they would get me and I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

And she felt afraid.

She didn’t have anyone to tell her what was going on.

She had to pretend to be asleep.

I would go and look after her and I would tell her that she should go to her aunt.

She would cry and she didn´t know what to do.

And the aunt would tell me that she was really sorry and that she didn`t want to go, because the orphan had to go.

She felt like that if I did go, I would have to leave her.

I think that she had to hide.

I had to protect her, and I was afraid.

When I was 14, I was abused by my aunt, and we lived in the same house for almost 20 years.

She never told me what had happened, but she was so abusive.

I was so scared.

I couldn`t do anything because I didn’t want to hurt her.

She put me in a corner, locked me in the basement, and kept me locked up for about five years.

The other children were there to help me.

She kept me in this place for a long time, but the children couldn` t help me at all.

They didn’t

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