Posted September 15, 2018 08:53:57 There was no question that the US election campaign was a landslide for Hillary Clinton.

The polls had her leading by as much as a two-to-one margin over Trump in a contest that was essentially a toss-up.

But the fact that the Republican nominee was also able to claim victory despite the polls, and despite the fact his supporters were often openly hostile to the former secretary of state, did not seem to matter much to his supporters.

The problem for Clinton, however, was that the Democratic Party establishment had also chosen to nominate her.

And while some voters might have felt cheated by the outcome, they would also have felt a sense of relief.

For most Americans, the Clinton win was not a blow to the party, but a sign that the country was on the right track.

This is the view of political scientist Barry J. Lynn, who has been writing on American politics for over 40 years.

He tells Business Insider that Clinton’s victory was not due to Trump’s unpopularity.

“It is more likely that it reflects the party establishment’s desire to avoid another loss and to ensure that Trump does not take a large percentage of the votes he lost in November,” he says.

In other words, the Democratic party establishment had decided that Trump would lose and that was that.

“I think it is important to understand what the party is trying to achieve,” he adds.

“The establishment was determined to defeat Trump and to win the election.

So in order to win, the establishment needed to be very careful about not alienating the large number of voters who are dissatisfied with the status quo.”

I think what the establishment was looking for was an opportunity to win a few electoral votes that it could use to help it win in 2018.

“In other news, the election was called on Monday in California and Florida.

Both states will hold the first votes on October 7.

If Clinton wins, it will be the first time since 1988 that no candidate has won a presidential election.

“That’s how the process works.””

We still have to count the ballots and the votes are counted and then the results are known,” says Lynn.

“That’s how the process works.”

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