When you’re a homeless person in Haiti, it can be difficult to find a place to stay.

In fact, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a home for the first time when you go searching.

But that’s a lot of work and you might not even have the space to live.

That’s where orphanages come in.

The orphanages in Haiti have been struggling to survive for decades, but in recent years, they’ve been trying to start new lives for their children.

Many orphanages have a wide range of programs for families and orphans, from boarding schools and daycare centers to transitional housing and child care centers.

In Haiti, the orphanages are in a constant state of flux and they often don’t know when they’ll reopen.

This article is part of VICE’s series, The End of an Era: Homelessness in Haiti.

To learn more about Haiti’s homeless, VICE visited the orphanage where the founder, a woman named Elle, was born.

We also spoke to one of the residents of the orphanaged, who’s now the leader of a social enterprise in the orphan, and another resident who has been volunteering with the orphan since the late 90s.

Read more about how orphanages and homeless shelters work in Haiti and around the world.

The End: Homelessnesses in Haiti in 1990s 1.

The first orphanage in Haiti Louisville Hospital is where I first saw Elle.

She was born in a makeshift room and at a very young age she had a severe birth defect, which caused her to lose the use of her legs.

She’d have to walk for hours, which was quite a burden on her.

The parents could not provide for her, so the orphan took her in.

At the orphan’s home, she had no money for food, so she went on the streets to beg.

I was in the hospital and when I came back, she was still in the street begging.

She couldn’t find a single place to live in the community, so they sent me to help her with her situation.

Elle’s story of finding her place to be and making it a new life for herself and her family is the story of one of Haiti’s first orphanages. 


The abandoned orphanage The orphanage I went to was called the “Little House.”

The house was only two stories and it was basically just a room with a mattress.

There was one bed and one chair and a small bathroom.

Elles room was the only one with a toilet.

It was very narrow and not much space.

She slept in the chair. 


Ellee’s home in the village In the 1990s when I first went to the orphaned house, I saw that Elle was living with other orphans.

We were both in her room with no food, and she couldn’t even afford to buy a coat.

I knew she needed something for her to survive, so I went with her to find something.

I saw her bed, and it’s a little piece of cardboard that Elles parents had given her when she was a baby.

I put a blanket over her bed and put a pillow on top of it.

She used to sleep on the mattress for a few hours a day, because her legs hurt so bad.

She could not sleep because of her injuries.


Elleen’s home with her parents I went back to the house with Elle and her parents, who were very surprised by the orphan of their house.

I took them for a walk.

It’s very empty and they could hardly walk.

They were scared because they were afraid of what could happen.

I told them that if anything happened to me, they should go back to their village.

They didn’t understand what I meant.

They never went back.

The house they lived in was a very poor house.

It had no electricity, no running water, no heating.

They could only cook in the kitchen.

The only thing they could do was cook rice and bread.

I never saw any money for any of that.

They lived on rice and rice alone.

They had no shoes, and their only shoes were rubber boots.

I don’t think that they had any clothes at all.

They don’t have a lot, so there’s nothing left for them to wear.


Ellem and her siblings Elle’s mother passed away in the early 90s, so her sisters stayed with Elles mother until she died. 


ElLE’s room with her mother and her brothers Ellem’s room has a tiny table with a chair and bed.

There’s a pillow and a cup for her. 


ElLES room It’s very narrow, but there is a lot to look at. 8.

ElLle’s room I asked ElLE if

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